Monique Hall, 7th grade parent

My daughter has attended school at Académie Lafayette (AL) since kindergarten and we love the school. My daughter has had a chance to witness people from different cultures that help her with her education process. They have teachers and staff from across the world. The entire curriculum is taught in French and then the child has English class. Learning a foreign has been an excellent opportunity for my daughter.

With her already knowing French when it was time to introduce a 3rd language which is offered in the 6th grade the concept is very easy to grasp. She is taking Spanish but Mandarin is offered also to the 6th- 8th graders. The school provides door-to-door transportation– so no waiting down the block for a school bus!

A 6-week summer school program with lots of  activities as well door-to-door bus transportation for that too. The school helps with character building and recognizes students which help with their self esteem. In the 6th grade my daughter went to France and stayed with a host family for two weeks.

The 6th grade field trip is something that the children look forward to going, and is trio that they will always remember. The school offers academic support for the children if they need a little extra help. There is a parent portal that is available for parents to keep up with their child’s grades. AL is an excellent choice for a child’s education.

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