Charlotte Washington, Kindergarten grandparent

I selected Citizens of the World KC (CWCKC) for my grandson, Aiden, who is in kindergarten. I wanted Aiden to receive an excellent education in a safe, challenging, yet nurturing learning environment. I wanted a school that encourages the students to step outside their comfort zones and expand their learning experiences. CWCKC fits all of the criteria and then some.

The principal and staff know each of the children by name and the teachers are nurturing and devoted to the students. I love the open door policy and the family atmosphere of the school. I love the camaraderie among CWCKC’s staff and parents. Everyone works together, and constantly communicates with each other.

CWCKC makes learning fun and offers many afterschool activities, which my grandson, enjoys. One day I arrived at school to pick Aiden up and he was crying. When the principal and I inquired as to why, Aiden was crying because he wanted to stay at school and continue the learning activity. To me, that speaks volumes about CWCKC.

Another reason I chose CWCKC for Aiden is the diversity of the students. By having diversity in the school, the students learn respect and understanding of others who may not look, think, or share the same beliefs they do. This is a life skill that the students need in order to survive and compete in a global society as adults.

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