Ali Foulk, City of Fountains Parent

Our family has been a part of City of Fountains School for six years. Our school fosters a sense of unity and community that truly feels like another home for our family. What makes City of Fountains special is the warm environment, the feeling of camaraderie among the school community, and their commitment to educating the whole child: head, hearts, and hands.

When you walk into City of Fountains school there is a sense of home. Not only are we greeted warmly, but the furnishings and decor are thoughtful, graceful, and made with natural materials and colors. There is the smell of baking bread or perhaps homemade soup which the children have prepared themselves. School materials, furniture, and toys are simple and made from nature including wood, beeswax, shells, stones, etc.

City of Fountains School’s size and frequent school festivals allow for parents and caregivers to form relationships with the school staff and members of the school. Additionally, the teachers move up in the grades with the students solidifying the bonds built within the class year after year.

The curriculum itself is one feature of the school that makes City of Fountains School stand apart from other schools. They believe in educating the whole child with “head, heart, and hands” which includes an abundance of music, art, theater, and handiwork which is unfortunately lacking in many school systems.

For these reasons and so many more, we are delighted that we chose City of Fountains School to educate our two children.

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