Elizabeth Villarauz, 10th and 11th grade parent

I currently have a student in kindergarten, 10th , and 11th.  My oldest girls have been enrolled in Frontier Schools since they were in 4th and 5th grade.  We chose Frontier because they give each student the chance to learn.  We thought our older students were doing fine academically, but once they became students at Frontier, we realized how much they had not learned from their previous school.

Before coming to Frontier, it felt like the teachers were just giving grades to pass them along.  The teachers here at Frontier not only take the time to help the students in the classroom, but they also take their own time outside of school to help them achieve.  The teachers really try to understand the students on a deeper level and they always try to have a lot of communication with the parents.

When we first started, my students had Ms. Kosek as a PE teacher. She went on to become the Dean of Students at the middle school and then high school, and now she is doing great things as the elementary principal.  I am so glad my kindergartner gets to have a principal who is so dedicated to this school.  At the high school, the principal, Mr. Kilic, goes above and beyond to improve the school and programs offered here.  Each year is better than the last thanks to his leadership.

The facilities are always in good shape and the classrooms provide wonderful space for the students to learn.  They have great equipment for the students to use, like computers and iPads.  This was the first year for the high school gym and now they are working on building one for the elementary and middle school too.  Now that we have a gym, our athletics are really taking off – they offer volleyball, basketball and soccer.

The gym is also where we can now have programs like the Hispanic Heritage event – parents volunteered and helped the students celebrate (same with our Black History Month) assembly.  Parents can also get involved with Family Nights and they are starting a parent teacher organization (PTO) program as well.   Teachers want their parents to be as involved as possible!

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