Danielle Dispenza, 1st grade parent

When the time came for my husband and I to decide where our children would attend school in Kansas City, we explored ALL the options. After months of meetings, school tours and long talks with other parents we confidently chose Hale Cook Elementary. The 1924 all brick building sits in the heart of Waldo.

On our first visit we felt “at home” when we entered the school. Hale Cook met so many of the expectations on our list: a public school; well-rounded curriculum including art, music and P.E.; strong leadership; low staff turnover; proximity to our home; and opportunities for us to be involved as parents.

Our decision was more easily made after meeting with the school principal Julie Lynch. Mrs. Lynch, an experienced educator and principal, was a part of the initial transition team to reopen Hale Cook. Her leadership has been a key component to the continued success of this school. Along with dedicated teachers, staff and the high level of parent support, Hale Cook continues to thrive in its mission to equip students to be resourceful, critical thinkers who are making a positive change in their community.

Our daughter is now in her second year at Hale Cook as a first grader, and we look forward to our son starting kindergarten in the fall of 2017. Though we knew proximity to school was important to us, I had no idea the joy that would be experienced walking my children to and from school every day. Living close to the school allows both my husband and I to be active members in our child’s education. Whether it’s volunteering during the school day, picnics, school gardens or PTA, there are many opportunities for parents to be involved in a community that helps shape the educational experience of its children.

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