Elizabeth Williams, Hogan Elementary Grandparent

My grandson is a fourth grader at Hogan Preparatory Academy. I have watched him grow academically and personally since his enrollment in Kindergarten. The faculty and teachers work very hard to create a safe, supported environment with high expectations. His third grade year, he was part of an innovative open-concept classroom with a person-centered approach. The collaborative tables, Runtz Ball chairs and Fit–Pro yoga balls created an environment that assured all students were their best.

It is wonderful to have teachers, administration, and other staff members who are genuinely concerned about your children, their safety and learning experience. This is apparent, as they are their greeting the children as they arrive each day calling them by their names and when visiting the building you observed the teachers engaging with the students. The spirit of inclusiveness is what Hogan promotes, as a grandparent, I feel that I can be a part of my grandson’s school family. The school understands the value of family and has collaborated with UMKC to offer a grandparent support group.

The parent liaison at Hogan does a wonderful job of equipping families with emotional and physical support. She is instrumental in cultivating parent and teacher engagement, which supports the family environment. Hogan has been a great partner in the growth of my grandson and family.

Hogan is a great school!

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