Rosetta Burton, Hogan Middle Grandparent

Rosetta Burton is my name, I am the Grandmother and Caretaker of an 8th grader at Hogan Middle School. He did two years in the seventh grade so this is his fourth year there. I actually choose Hogan because my sister’s children were going there. They were doing so well so I decided I would give it a try. Glad I did because my grandson has really matured and improved a lot since he has been there. The teachers really take an interest in the children and their well-being in learning and they also inform the parents if there is a problem by calling them to make sure they know and understand what’s going on with their child.

There are opportunities available for the parents to also be involved. There is some tutoring in some of the classes for the children to take advantage of and I like that and some after school sports programs and he likes that. I have chosen for him to continue at Hogan and attend the high school. Hopefully he will continue to be on track. I do believe that if the parents take an interest in what’s going on in their child’s school, then the child will have an interest in his or her school work.

As we know, our children are our future doctors, lawyers, teachers, heads of state, yes, and even Presidents. So it needs to be instilled in them that education is the key that will open doors for that to happen and I think that Hogan is a start.

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