Allena Barber, Kindergarten and 3rd grade parent

We have two boys that attend JA Rogers Elementary.  Cameron is in Kindergarten and Caleb is in the third grade. Caleb has been attending JA Rogers for the past three years. We picked JA Rogers because it is in our neighborhood, plus I have heard great things about the school.

The teachers that I have come in contact with are very understanding while building a relationship with my kids. JA Rogers is a clean facility inside and out. There are some opportunities for parent involvement, but I think more of the meetings should be held after school.  Our family works so I haven’t been able to attend any meetings this year.

I’d like to see a mentoring program for the kids, by choice, of course. I know it take a village to raise a child, which is why I feel that the students of JA Rogers would greatly benefit from a mentoring program.

More information for parents is always great. Knowledge is power and I think the more we know will allow us to make better decisions for our kids.

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