Syreeta Washington, 10th grade parent

Ihave a daughter, Kynnedy, in the 10th grade who has attended Ewing Marion Kauffman School (Kauffman School) since the 5th grade. Kynnedy is one of the students that will be in the first graduating class at the Kauffman School. The first reason I chose to enroll my daughter is because the Kauffman name means a lot to me because I was one of the first students to graduate from Project Choice. Project Choice was a program Mr. Kauffman started at his alma mater that gave high-risk students an opportunity to attend any college they wanted at no cost to the families by providing scholarships to students that met program requirements.

I was blessed to get my Bachelor’s degree through that program. When I heard that the Kauffman Foundation was starting a school, I was automatically on board. The reason my child will STAY at the Kauffman School is because of the rigorous curriculum they offer that ensures my daughter’s success in college and beyond. While attending Kauffman School, I have seen Kynnedy blossom from a shy and closed off child to a young lady who can be called on to speak to a room full of board members and be prepared within minutes. I love the fact that the teachers give feedback and work tirelessly to make sure each child is getting what they need to achieve not only college acceptance but college graduation.

I am a parent ambassador at EMKS which means I have the opportunity to listen to other parents’ questions about EMKS and provide a parent perspective to their questions. As a parent ambassador, I also chaperone college and overnight field trips. Kauffman School has recently started extracurricular activities (one of the things requested by Kauffman School parents) that include different clubs to explore their passions (step club, bike club, gaming club, etc.) and give a little extra help if needed (homework club).

The Kauffman School also has sports – volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, cross country, and basketball – that allow our children to stay active and show off their athletic prowess, not to mention let off a little steam from all that hard work! From the beautiful newly constructed building, to the engaging curriculum, to the fully-committed staff, Kauffman School is #1 in my book.

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