Safia Hassan, KCIA Parent

My name is Safia Hassan and I’m a parent of 5th, 4th, 1st, and Kindergarten students at KC International Academy.  You can’t imagine how much they love this school. My oldest kid has been at this school for six years and still enrolled. I chose KCIA because it’s a multicultural school and that makes it a special school. My kids and I are happy that they’re going to this school, because they see new people and learn things from different cultures. My kids get a lot of educational support they need to get to their learning targets. The school leadership and the teachers work very hard in making sure the students get the best education and support they need to succeed. This school has a good learning environment. Bigger classrooms, better playground and sports field for older kids. You can get involved in your child’s education. The school has onsite translators if language is a barrier. Students have the opportunity to join after school programs, such as after school family reading and seasonal girls on the run. This school has lots of support for students to learn.

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