Jackie Daniels, KCNA Parent

My son is currently in Pre-Kindergarten making this his first year at KCNA (Kansas City Neighborhood Academy). We chose KCNA for many reasons but, mostly for the rigor. I wanted a school that offered interactive learning where students can grow academically and become essential life-long learners, which is exactly what KCNA has provided for my son.

Teachers and staff at KCNA go above and beyond to offer growing experiences. Students are able to attend field trips that expose them to local fine arts, before and after school programs for students and a plethora of extracurricular activities/clubs (such as the Boys and Girls Club, gardening club, reading/math nights and music programs.)

KCNA is, honestly, a supportive community. Teachers and staff are genuinely involved in the lives of students and their families by regularly communicating with parents/guardians through weekly newsletters, emails, meetings and automated phone calls.

Parents’ participation is highly encouraged. I personally loved reading nights, where families could come listen to stories and do fun activities with their students. I also enjoyed math nights, where my husband and I learned how to effectively teach our children math skills at home that mirrored how they were learning in class.

I have made some great friendships at KCNA as a parent. My family has benefited greatly from being a part of this neighboring community. I encourage you to visit and talk to a parent or staff member. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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