Steffany Kerr, Pre-K, Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade parent

My family chose Longfellow due to its proximity, as it is our neighborhood school. Upon touring the school, we were incredibly impressed by the extensive support to Autistic students (I have a child with Autism), and the amazing community at Longfellow. There was also an array of impressive programming and outside community support via grant funding. In addition, I was impressed by the Social Justice and STEM focus of the school.

Peter Retsos, the Longfellow Principal, is incredibly adept at acquiring community support and creative funding for school programming, which is very impressive. I appreciate his leadership skills and approachable personality. The teachers in the building are quite possibly the most passionate group of teachers I have ever seen. Each teacher goes above and beyond in caring for each student, using collaborative practices to meet student needs. Longfellow Elementary has a wonderful, historic auditorium, a newly decorated library, and well-kept classrooms. Outdoor amenities include a brand new soccer field, playground, and open outdoor space with picnic tables.

Longfellow has many opportunities for parent involvement, including monthly family activities, regular SAC meetings, and additional parent volunteer positions. Longfellow administration and staff are not only welcoming of parent support and involvement, but provide a welcoming climate for parent-staff cooperation. Parent involvement opportunities include support with after school and enrichment programming, school fundraising, event planning, SAC meetings, and teacher support. Our enrichment programs include STEM, Social Justice League, Girl Scouts, basketball, spring sports camps, The Mission Continues school improvement projects, partnerships with KU and MU creative programming, partnerships with Hallmark (e.g. reading buddies), and outdoor gardening with water barrels. Longfellow Elementary is a community gem, and fosters true community. The principal is fantastic at finding creative funding and attracting high quality programming.

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