Jeff and Angie Mundt, Lutheran High Parents

Choosing Lutheran High School of Kansas City was not a difficult decision. My husband and I knew we wanted a Christian education for our children, even before we became parents. Lutheran High School offered not only a solid education, but the Christ-centered environment we desired.

We now have three children attending Lutheran High. As a senior and a freshman, our biological daughters are enjoying the only year they will share in high school together. Thanks to Lutheran High, our family was given the opportunity to host an international student. Our beautiful Japanese daughter is a sophomore. Each girl is having a wonderful experience at Lutheran High. Not only are they receiving a top notch, personalized education, but the opportunities for involvement outside the classroom are incredible. In addition to successful athletic teams, academic experiences, and music programs, Lutheran High offers a variety of special interest opportunities, including, robotics, shop, digital photography, and computer coding. Because students can participate in multiple extracurricular activities, they build tremendous time management, communication, and leadership skills.

We were confident that our children would have a great experience at Lutheran High. However, there have been some surprising benefits that have blessed our family beyond expectation. First, we are incredibly grateful for friendships made with other families. They have offered unconditional love and support. Secondly, we have been impressed by the faculty and staff. One would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated group of educators. When attending our first high school parent-teacher conferences three years ago, we were comforted to learn how well the staff knew our child. Heading into the conferences, we were not sure what to expect. As a teacher myself, it is always strange to sit on the other side of the conference table. I vividly remember leaving that evening, feeling confident that our child was cared for. It was comforting to hear teachers talk about our student, not from a written report or list of grades, but from classroom experiences and observations. After only a short time, they knew her well! It brings me great comfort to know my children are not just names on a roster, but valued members of the student body.

Though there is much more we could say about our school, it comes down to this: We are thankful for Lutheran High. Our children are being well prepared for today, tomorrow, and eternity.

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