Alkesha Donahue, Kindergarten and 1st grade parent

My name is Alkesha Donahue. I have two students at King Elementary. For the 2015 – 2016 school year, the Kansas City school district switched my Kindergartner to King Elementary. At the time I was not happy with the idea. Once I attended a parent teacher conference, I was very pleased. The teacher he had was very involved. He was anxious to learn and was willing to teach his brother what he had learned at school for the day.

At the end of the 2016 school year my children attended summer school. I was informed by their father that he had found teachers that the boys could really benefit from. After meeting with their teachers for the 2016 -2017 school year, I was very impressed. It makes a difference when you have teachers involved in your children’s learning. The teachers showed that they cared about their students and their education.

I am pleased with the curriculum at King elementary. I like the fact that the teachers keep me informed of my child’s progress before there’s a conference with the parents.  I am constantly blown away by the learning technique that is used to keep the children engaged in learning. I have noticed that a lot has changed since I was in school. I was introduced to the computer my 9th grade year of high school. Today they are introduced by the first grade. I was introduced to Algebra my 9th   year and by first grade they are introduced. The kindergartners will already know how to spell, read, and write before first grade. The effort the teachers put into my children’s education it shows. They are excited about learning and they constantly want to learn more. As a parent it makes me very pleased.

Some of the things I like most at King Elementary is that I am always greeted with a smile. The school smells fresh and clean. I love to look at the walls to see the work of the children on display. The boys and I would read quotes or look at pictures and I ask them to explain what is meant by the quotes or the pictures.

I have been blessed to have summer school and the LINC before and after-school care program offered. Because of these programs I am not stressed out about childcare. The workers are very involved with the student’s education as well. They provide them with worksheets to complete while in the program along with making sure that the homework is complete majority of the time. As a parent I double check the homework and we review what was taught that day at school. It makes things so much easier after a day at work.

I can honestly say that I am pleased with King Elementary.

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