Patricia Mutiso, 7th grade parent

I have two children at PHS, Derrick who joined in the 8th grade and has just graduated; and Gabriel who joined in 5th grade and will be in 7th grade in the fall. We learnt about PHS from a parent at the school. We were drawn to it by the challenging curriculum, the highly educated teaching staff, the extracurricular activities; and vibrant school community.

The faculty and school administration have been outstanding. One of the motto’s at PHS is “Pembroke Hill is a place where every child is known, cared for and valued.” I am amazed to see that each morningas I drop the boys off the principals of each campus are waiting, opening car doors and greeting each child by name. The school also has small class sizes and interactive learning environment.

There are various buildings for different courses, theaters for music and art, gyms, and fields for football, lacrosse, soccer and tennis. The campuses are truly beautiful, and the different buildings simulate a true college campus environment.

One of the things I truly value about PHS is the parent involvement in the school. There are many volunteer opportunities, from being in the various school boards, committees, parent class representatives, working concession stands when there are sports games; among others.

In my view PHS is the best school in this area and I highly recommend it to any parents seeking a well-rounded quality education for their children.

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