Turquoise Templeton, 2nd grade parent

As the single parent of a 2nd grader, it is important to me that my child is not only excelling at school, but also at life. I want my child to value education, and also learn skills that will allow her to thrive in life. Although we have only been at Primitivo Garcia Elementary for a few short months, it has been a great environment to watch my student learn and grow!

One of the best reasons for choosing Garcia Elementary was the staff. Staff members, such as Principal Alomenu and Parent Liaison, Ms. Boyd, go above and beyond to ensure students have a sense of safety, security, and belonging while attending the school.  Parents are encouraged to be an active part of their students’ educational growth through organizations, such as SAC. Through SAC, parents are allowed an opportunity to be involved and knowledgeable on how the school is meeting criteria and guidelines.   Other organizations such as LINC, offer parent involvement through events such as Muffins with Moms and reading fairs.

Also, students are offered a variety of extracurricular activities and enrichment programs, such as Junior Achievement, which encourages entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy through experiences. The LINC before and after-school program offers various activities to students whom use the service, including cooking lessons by staff, and art classes through Mattie Rhodes, a local community center. And, if students require additional assistance, services are available such as speech.

I feel Garcia Elementary has been a great choice for my child!

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