Points of Pride

  1. Our ACT Prep program provides data showing that each student’s growth is maximized in college readiness standards. These results benefit our families with an increase in college acceptance and scholarship opportunities.
  2. With enrollment in the 700’s, we are big enough to offer a complete list of course offerings and activities, and small enough to provide every student with the opportunity to participate and find success in a variety of programs and activities.
  3. Our mission is to serve families of different income levels, backgrounds, ethnicities and ability levels. By holding to this mission, we provide our students a cultural experience that best prepares them for their future.

Application Process

Please contact Patti Marnett, Director of Admissions, at 913-262-2701 ext. 226 for information/assistance. Our online application can be found here. The enrollment deadline for admission is January 18, 2018.

School Info Last Updated: April 5, 2018