Points of Pride

  1. Our vision is to equip students to be resourceful, critical thinkers who are making a change in their community. We use a set of core values and focus on one a month.
  2. Our Pre-K is led by a certified teacher. We are using the same reading material as our other grades so as to provide consistency.  
  3. Stakeholders who support Hale Cook are dedicated to our mission. Community members, alumni, current families, Friends of Hale Cook, KCPS, and staff have all come together to collaborate for one purpose…students. Amazing.


Application Process

Students must live within the Hale Cook School Boundary and be five years of age by August 1 to enroll in kindergarten or three years of age by August 1 to enroll in Pre-K. Parents and families can submit their applications and copies of their supporting documentation to KCPS (1211 McGee) or contact Hale Cook Principal, Julie Lynch, to submit to her directly. The application for the Pre-K through Second Grade program can be found here (if you are applying for the Pre-K program at Hale Cook, be sure to indicate this information at the top of the form).

School Info Last Updated: February 7, 2018