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  • Front of Longfellow Elementary School
    Longfellow Elementary is a PK-6th grade public elementary school and a part of Kansas City Public Schools. Students at Longfellow live in the surrounding neighborhood or can be bussed to school in grades K-6. All students wear a uniform of khaki or navy pants with white or navy blue tops.
  • Principal Dr. Jimmie Bullard
    Dr. Jimmie Bullard is the principal at Longfellow Elementary. She has worked to make Longfellow a community school by building partnerships with local organizations and businesses.
  • Junior Achievement volunteers
    These Junior Achievement volunteers come regularly to Longfellow Elementary to teach students about entrepreneurship.
  • Students leaving the morning assembly.
    Each morning, students at Longfellow have a morning assembly. Dr. Bullard makes whole school announcements and prepares them for their day.
  • First graders working as group with their teacher.
    In class students work in class as a whole group at the lower elementary level. These first graders are discussing character traits with their teacher. (Note that SMKCS happened to be at Longfellow to photograph on Field Day. Students and teachers were dressed for outdoor fun and not in their usual work clothes or uniforms!)
  • LINC workers that provide before and after school care
    As a part of Kansas City Public Schools, there is no charge for lunch or Before and After school care for K-6 students at Longfellow. Workers from LINC oversee after school programming each day.
  • Small group work for math support.
    Longfellow has teachers that pull out students to work with small groups who need more support in reading and math.
  • A student and a teacher work together on reading.
    Here a pull out teacher is working one on one to support a student with reading.
  • Student working at the computer lab.
    All students at Longfellow Elementary go to computer lab weekly. There, they work with their teacher to learn computer skills and how to be digital citizens. Students also have opportunities to use the MakerSpace at nearby Operation Breakthrough for projects.
  • Fifth grade students work in a small group.
    In upper elementary classrooms, students like these fifth graders work in small groups to complete their assignments.
  • Students reading together.
    Students at Longfellow Elementary are avid readers. Through a partnership with My Very Own Library, students in grades 3-5 get new books to take home  three times each year.
  • Sixth graders working to complete an online learning game.
    Every student in grades 1-6 has their own computer at Longfellow Elementary. These sixth graders are working together to complete an online game
  • Kindergarten students preparing to watch a sight word video.
    In Pre-K and kindergarten classes, students focus less on technology and more on mastering skills. Here are students preparing to watch a sight word video.
  • An all student playground area
    Longfellow has two playgrounds for students. This one is the result of a partnership with Allstate Insurance and is open to all students.
  • This playground is smaller and used for Pre-K students only.
    This playground is smaller and used for Pre-K students only.
  • Lunch buddies having lunch together.
    Students at Longfellow Elementary are participants in the Lunch Buddies program. Through it, corporate professionals like this executive from Hallmark Cards come and have lunch with students during the week.
  • A science teacher and student work on a project.
    In class, teachers at Longfellow work hard to make learning relevant and fun for all students. Here a teacher has students make slime as a part of her science lesson.
  • In fifth grade, students are playing a game with their teacher to review what they learned from a recent lesson.
    In fifth grade, students are playing a game with their teacher to review what they learned from a recent lesson.
  • Painted art project chairs
    Students at Longfellow Elementary go to Art class weekly. They are also able to participate in Art Club after school. The school has a partnership with Crayola that provided $1500 in art supplies. Artists also come to help students paint murals at school.
  • Longfellow School gym
    In PE, students work with their teacher to give their brains and their bodies exercise. All students go to PE weekly.
  • Outdoor blacktop and picnic area.
    Students also have a large black top and picnic area where parents can eat with kids during special outdoor events.
  • Longfellow school library
    Student at Longfellow are active participants in the Scholastic Book Fair. Here the library is set up for parents and community members to purchase books at the end of the school day.
  • Students at the playground displaying a positive culture of achievement.
    Teachers at Longfellow Elementary have worked to create a positive culture of high achievement. Here, students wear t-shirts with the school tagline “I can. I will. I believe. End of story.”
  • Students on a large soccer area.
    Students at Longfellow Elementary have a large soccer area that was donated to them by Sporting KC. You can see it in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Children playing outdoors.
    Parent and community involvement is high at Longfellow Elementary. Parents have organized an active School Advisory Council that oversees Spirit Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and raises money for school events. They also have a Facebook page and a school newsletter.
  • Children jumping rope.
    Here a Lunch Buddy jumps rope with Longfellow Elementary students during an all school fun day.

Longfellow Elementary (PK-6)

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2830 Holmes Street
Kansas City, MO 64109
816-418-5325 Visit School Website

School Leader(s)

Jimmie Bullard, Principal
  • NO Tuition
  • Availability for 2020-2021
  • Transportation provided
  • Before and After-Care Available

Quick Facts

Our Mission

Longfellow Elementary School aims to provide a rigorous learning environment that will allow our students to feel safe when challenged. Our school promotes a secure, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. We emphasize the total development of each child: moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being by fostering positive relationships with students and staff. It is our goal to have parents, teachers, and community members consistently involved in the students' learning.

Points of Pride

  • The students travel to Maker Space, an on hands Science/math initiative, 2x a week.
  • The students participate in the LEAD Hawk Program for behavior and academics.
  • The school has a dance studio and a soccer field. We partner with the KC Ballet and Alvin Ailey.

School Hours

  • School Hours: 8:20 am - 3:20 pm
  • Before Care Hours Start: 7:00 am
  • After Care Hours End: 6:00 pm

School Details

  • Year Established: 1903
  • Total Enrollment: 210
  • Affiliation: KCPS-Neighborhood
  • School Type: KCPS-Neighborhood

Feeder Schools

  • Middle School: Central Middle School
  • High School: Central Academy of Excellence


  • Tuition: NO Tuition

Our Demographics


Receive Special Ed Services


English Language Learners

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Programs and Features

Specialized Programs

  • N/A

Arts Programs

  • Instrumental Music
  • Poetry
  • Visual Arts

Sports Programs

  • Baseball
  • Basketball (Boys)
  • Basketball (Girls)
  • Soccer (Boys)
  • Soccer (Girls)

Clubs + Activities

  • Math Team
  • Robotics
  • Science Olympiad
  • Yoga

Family Engagement

  • Evening Family Events
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Application Process

Application Details

Although many schools have application deadlines, most continue to accept applications for available seats on an ongoing basis.

  • Application Open: December 5, 2019
  • Kindergarten Cutoff: July 31, 2020
  • Offer Date: March 1, 2021
  • Residence: Students live within Longfellow's boundaries in the Central Zone.

How to Apply

Enroll online on the KCPS website

Applications for signature and neighborhood schools open on December 14, 2020

The initial round of applications deadline is February 15, 2021

The week of March 1st, initial seats will be offered, and parents will need to complete the registration form.

You can still apply after the deadline, seats will be offered at a later date.

Submit applications online or in person at the Board of Education building, 2901 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO 64109. Applications CANNOT be submitted at schools.

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Student Performance

Standardized Test Results



Why It Matters

Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests are scored (or graded) according to four achievement levels: Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. The number shown here is the percentage of students who scored Proficient or Advanced. When comparing scores between years, please remember that the test Missouri gives has changed several times.

Please note that private schools are not required to participate in these exams.

In 2019, the average English score in Missouri was 48.7%; the average Math score was 41.9%, source

Attendance Rate 90/90


Why It Matters

Schools strive to have at least 90% of their students achieve a 90% attendance rate because kids learn best when they’re in school.

In 2019, 87.3% of Missouri students were in attendance at least 90% of the time, source.

Third Grade Reading Scores


Why It Matters

Third grade is the important time when kids switch from learning to read to reading to learn and is an important benchmark for a student’s educational development.

In 2019, the average 3rd grade reading score in Missouri was 48.7%, source

Student Growth

English Language Arts

On Track

Why It Matters

This data determines if individual students, compared to their peers, are making achievement gains over time in English Language Arts.

There are three categories possible: Floor (minimum), On Track (doing just fine), and Exceeding (outperforming their peers).



Why It Matters

This data determines if individual students, compared to their peers, are making achievement gains over time in Mathematics.

There are three categories possible: Floor (minimum), On Track (doing just fine), and Exceeding (outperforming their peers).

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Parent Perspective


Steffany Kerr, Pre-K, Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade parent

My family chose Longfellow due to its proximity, as it is our neighborhood school. Upon touring the school, we were incredibly impressed by the extensive support to Autistic students (I have a child with Autism), and the amazing community at Longfellow. There was also an array of impressive programming and outside community support via grant funding. In addition, I was impressed by the Social Justice and STEM focus of the school.

Peter Retsos, the Longfellow Principal, is incredibly adept at acquiring community support and creative funding for school programming, which is very impressive. I appreciate his leadership skills and approachable personality. The teachers in the building are quite possibly the most passionate group of teachers I have ever seen. Each teacher goes above and beyond in caring for each student, using collaborative practices to meet student needs. Longfellow Elementary has a wonderful, historic auditorium, a newly decorated library, and well-kept classrooms. Outdoor amenities include a brand new soccer field, playground, and open outdoor space with picnic tables.

Longfellow has many opportunities for parent involvement, including monthly family activities, regular SAC meetings, and additional parent volunteer positions. Longfellow administration and staff are not only welcoming of parent support and involvement, but provide a welcoming climate for parent-staff cooperation. Parent involvement opportunities include support with after school and enrichment programming, school fundraising, event planning, SAC meetings, and teacher support. Our enrichment programs include STEM, Social Justice League, Girl Scouts, basketball, spring sports camps, The Mission Continues school improvement projects, partnerships with KU and MU creative programming, partnerships with Hallmark (e.g. reading buddies), and outdoor gardening with water barrels. Longfellow Elementary is a community gem, and fosters true community. The principal is fantastic at finding creative funding and attracting high quality programming.

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