During Teacher Appreciation Week 2020, gratitude to teachers feel different than they ever have before. Not only have teachers completely shifted the way they teach and interact with their students, but parents have also stepped into the role of teacher. 

In light of COVID-19, the duo-team of parents and teachers has been critical to continuing to educate students in Kansas City. This year, gratitude should not only be shared from parents to teachers but also vice-versa as education would not be able to continue without parents and teachers each playing a critical role. 

While most traditional teacher appreciation gifts aren’t possible to share this year due to school closures, there are plenty of alternative ways that teachers and parents can show appreciation for each other. 

  1. Create a thank you video. Parents and teachers can easily create thank you videos to share by email, phone, or social media. Parents and teachers can get as creative with Tik Tok videos or record a simple message on a phone or computer.
  2. E-Gift Cards / Meal Delivery. While parents can’t bring a goodie to a teacher in person, there are tons of e-gift cards and food delivery services parents can use to send teachers food! During a time where everyone is eating at home more, a delivered meal, gift card to a grocery store will be much appreciated! Meal Delivery Suggestions: DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, Postmates. E-gift card Suggestions: Amazon, Walmart, Target, or a local restaurant.
  3. Homework Free Day. Teachers can show appreciation to the hard work parents have been putting in by giving their students a homework-free day! This is a win-win for the entire household and major brownie points for teachers!
  4. Teacher Drawing. Have your child break out their art supplies and draw a portrait of their teacher! You can send it virtually or put it in the mail to your teacher.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go old school! Have your child write a letter to their teacher and mail it. This is also a great learning opportunity where your child can practice the real-world skills of addressing an envelope and mailing a letter. You can also send flowers or a small, hand-crafted gift. 
  6. Give a social media shout out. Share your appreciation for a teacher and/or parent on social media by engaging in the #ShowMeKCTeachers campaign! Download a MEME and tag your favorite teacher/parent throughout the week. 
  7. Nominate a teacher/parent. Show Me KC Schools is calling for appreciation submissions for teachers and parents who have gone above and beyond during the shift in the educational landscape this year. Nominate the most deserving parent/teacher you know to be the 2020 parent/teacher appreciation week honoree! The two honorees (one parent and one teacher) will receive a care package from Show Me KC Schools and will be announced on Friday, May 8 on Show Me KC Schools social media


While this year may be a little different than normal, Show Me KC Schools wants to take the time to thank all the teachers and parents who’ve continued to make our children’s education possible. Join us in honoring our community of educators during Teacher Appreciation Week May 4 -8, 2020.

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