Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to find it among the many options that exist in Kansas City. We have a path that works for most people to narrow the choices and find the best match school.


Step One: Research and Compare Schools

This website is a good place to start as you become familiar with all of the options available. You can also attend the Show Me KC Schools School Fair in November to meet school representatives and learn about their programs. When you’re ready to dig more deeply into particular schools, we recommend that you search our database for more information. In addition, most schools have websites of their own so that you can go farther in your initial research. Links to each school’s website are included on our individual school profile pages. Some schools also have parent perspectives where you can read about the experience of a family who has students at the school.


Step Two: Make Your List

Choose the schools that sound like they best match your family’s needs. It is helpful to create a written list and jot down a few notes about what drew you to each school. Including deadlines and requirements will keep you on track as you move through the process. Download a pdf organizer to help >>


Step Three: Schedule and Make Visits

Visiting a school gives you a chance to see the classrooms in action and to experience the school culture firsthand. You know your student best and a visit can help you determine whether a particular school will
be a good fit. A visit is also a great time to ask teachers, principals and other school staff questions. The best way to set up a visit is to contact a school directly or visit our calendar to learn about schools’ open house dates. Again, be sure to take notes so that you can remember details that stood out for you. Pay attention to how a school makes you feel and whether you can imagine your student learning and growing in the environment.


Step Four: Narrow Your List and Begin Your Applications

Make sure you know what each school requires and any deadlines that need to be met and begin the application process for the schools that are still on your list. It is a good idea to apply to multiple schools. With the exception of your KCPS Neighborhood school, there is no guarantee in a given year that you will get into a particular school. Many schools have waitlists and you are welcome to stay on a waitlist until a spot opens for your student.