Theresa Cole, 1st, 4th and 8th grade parent

As a family, we are confident that we have made an excellent choice in having our three children attend University Academy. Our eldest is currently in his last year of middle school and started UA in the fourth grade. Our younger two children both started UA in kindergarten and are currently in the fourth and first grades.

We decided on University Academy because of its record of high academic success and commitment to our community. Having our children there helped us realize that there is so much more to love about UA. It is wonderful to have teachers, administration, and other staff that are genuinely concerned with the safety, emotional well-being, and academic growth of all its students. As a parent it means a great deal to me that teachers and administration listen carefully to concerns that parents may have and address them promptly.

We enjoy the convenience that having all grades at the same facility provides. My children love being able to see their siblings occasionally throughout the school day. I love that when they ride the school bus they get to do it together, regardless of grade level. I was initially concerned about the safety of younger/smaller children among their fellow middle or even high school classmates especially in the closed quarters of student restrooms. University Academy, of course, has a solution for this by keeping lower, middle, and upper schools to their own spaces within its sizable campus.  Kindergarten classrooms even have their own restrooms in the back of the classroom.

Two thumbs up for University Academy.

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