Ru’da B. Looney, 1st – 10th grade parent

My name is Ru’da B. Looney. My husband, Joardy Looney, Sr., and I have five children currently attending University Academy. They range from first to tenth grade. We also have a child who has graduated from this school in 2014. I would like to explain as to how we came to choose University Academy, and why we have stayed.

Education has always been important to my husband and me, especially as it relates to our children. At one point, we had considered home schooling. I was home schooled from kindergarten through second grade. It was quite an adjustment for me when I went to third grade in a public school. I didn’t want our children to go through that. We started our oldest in the Head Start program. When he started kindergarten, the school was chosen for him. We weren’t pleased with the teaching style, so we moved him to a different school for first through fourth grade.

When he was starting his fifth-grade year, our oldest daughter was starting kindergarten. We tried one school that went up to eighth grade. By this time, we had four children, and we thought they would be able to go here for a while – until they start high school. We changed schools about a month later, due to our dissatisfaction.

I had called University Academy. To our pleasant surprise, they had openings in both fifth grade and kindergarten! They were able to start that Wednesday. I had called on Monday! It was at the end of September when they started. By Winter Break, mid-December, our daughter was reading fluently! She was reading to me for her reading logs! It was incredible! Our family has grown over the years, and so has our involvement at University Academy. My husband has worked for the school as a Parent Liaison, Teacher’s Assistant, and currently in Maintenance. I am the president of the PTA.

We’re so proud that all five of our children attending UA are on Honor Roll! With the K-12 setting, and a place of employment, University Academy is the perfect “one stop shop” for our family. We plan to have all of our children graduate a Gryphon!

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