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  • ready or not ( for kindergarten), some research says, enroll anyway

    NPR Research say to enroll kids into kindergarten, whether they're ready or not. Read the full story at
  • high school should be more like preschool

    The Hechinger Report Baltimore schools borrowing ideas from early childhood. The ninth graders in Elise Delamatre’s classroom at the City Neighbors High School in northeast Baltimore are sitting in a circle of armchairs, presenting their opinions about t.he merits of the color blue and Nacho Cheese Doritos. Read the full story at
  • Idaho gives education money directly to teenagers to manage

    Hechinger Report Idaho state legislation spearheads new, 20-point plan to improve k-12 education. One goal of the program is to increase the amount of high school students enrolling in AP courses and earning college credits. Read the full story at
  • Should more students be allowed to skip a grade?

    NEA Today A recent report concludes that millions of American students are performing above grade level, yet aren't being appropriately challenged. Not only does this deficit drag down a child’s intellectual development, the researchers warn, it is putting “the country’s future prosperity” at risk. Read the full story at
  • Words Matter: Repercussions of what we say -- and don't say-- about students

    NEA Today In everyday conversation, relying on labels and “scripts” is an easy but superficial way to talk about something that we may not know that much about (even if we think we do). This may be harmless enough, but it depends on the setting and circumstances. Read the full story at  
  • Open Schools made noise in the 70's; now they're just noisy

    NPR It's a perennial debate in American education: Do kids learn best when they're sitting in rows at their desks? Or moving around, exploring on their own? Read the full story at
  • A High School's Lesson for helping English Language Learners Get to College

    NPR In the U.S., roughly one in 10 students is an English language learner. Many schools struggle to help them feel comfortable with their new language. Helping them get ahead and to college is another challenge entirely. Read the full story at
  • Chronic absences, poverty impacting outcomes for Mississippi's children, report says

    Hechinger Report Graduation rates are up, teen births are down and the percentage of children with health insurance coverage has increased in recent years, according to a new report from KIDS COUNT, a project of the nonprofit Annie E. Casey Foundation. Read the full story at
  • when school suspensions have plunged

    NPR In the past five years, 27 states have revised their laws with the intention of reducing suspensions and expulsions. And, more than 50 of America's largest school districts have also reformed their discipline policies — changes which collectively affect more than 6.35 million students. Read the full story at