Early Childhood Development

While enrolling your child in Pre-K is one great way to support early development, remember that YOU are your child’s first teacher! There are many FREE early childhood programs and resources available that you can access from home. Below are some ways to help you understand and support your child’s early development — which is a great way to make sure they are on track to being ready for kindergarten!


Complete a free online developmental screening (children 4 months to 6 years) for your child and receive their results from a local early childhood professional by visiting


Download the free “Milestone Tracker App” (children 2 months to 5 years) from to make sure your child is meeting their developmental milestones.


Don’t forget to check out early childhood resources in the community around you! Your local branch of the KC Public Library is a great place to go for story time and other early childhood activities and resources.

Home Visiting Programs

Supporting your child’s early education starts at home! Home visiting programs partner a family with a parent educator/early childhood professional who provides coaching and education related to parenting a baby or young child and can also provide comprehensive support and connections to services and opportunities depending on your family’s needs. Check out the list of FREE local home visiting programs.

Parents as Teachers is a program offered through the Kansas City Public Schools district and includes home visiting and other early childhood family services.

(816) 418-5245

Start at Zero partners with charter schools and community organizations to provide early childhood family support, and home visiting using the Parents as Teachers model.

(816) 600-4932

Promise 1000 is a collective of all of the home visiting programs in the Kansas City area. Complete a self-referral on the website and you will be “matched” with a home visiting program that meets your needs.

(816) 234-3732