School Search Process

Video: Process for Finding the Right School

Research and Compare Your Kansas City School Options

Some good places to start your research:

  • You’re doing it! Search and compare our school profiles.
  • City School Fair in November – meet school representatives and learn about their programs.
  • School Guide KC – our print guide is available around the city or download a pdf.
  • Individual Kansas City school websites

Choose the schools in Kansas City that look like they best match your family’s needs and make a written list to keep you on track. We have a handy organizer you can download. Use it to jot down:

  • a few notes about what drew you to each school
  • deadlines
  • requirements

Five Different Types of Schools in Kansas City

You’re most concerned with finding a school that works well for your student and your family, but our guess is that you keep hearing about different types of schools in Kansas City. In this section we help make sense of the similarities and differences between KCPS Neighborhood, KCPS Signature, Charter, Faith-Based and Independent Private schools.

There are five types of schools available to children living in the boundaries of the Kansas City Public School district. Show Me KC Schools loves all of them equally and includes them all in our School Finder here on our website. It is helpful to first have a general idea of the definition of each type of school.

Video: Different School Types

Step 3: Visit