School Search Process

Evaluate your Needs and Wants

There are many things to think about when looking for a school in Kansas City that’s a good fit for your unique child. The questions below are a place to start as you focus your school search and make a wish list for your ideal school. Their answers will help you determine your “must haves”, and “nice to haves” and also those things that you don’t want at all.

Ask Yourself Hard Questions

Before jumping into details about schools, take a step back and try to answer big questions about what you are looking for in a school.

What was your school experience like and what do you hope for your child?

What does education mean to your family?

How much input do you want your child to have in their school options?

Every child is unique. Maximize opportunities for your child’s success and consider what learning environment will be most effective for their academic and social progress.

How does your child like to learn?

Is classroom structure important or is your child more successful with freedom and independence? Maybe a combination?

Do you want small classes?

Do you want a large social community?

Knowing his or her interests may also help narrow down school choices.

What does she love to do?

What is he good at? Sports? Art? Technology? Politics? Languages? Debate? Dance?

Kansas City has a variety of schools with a variety of philosophies and values. Which types sound right for your child?

Would you like a rigorous school?

A school that takes advantage of what Kansas City has to offer?

A student-centered school?

Does your religious values play a role in your school choice?

It is important to find a school that fits your family’s schedule and routines.

Do you need transportation?

Can you drive across town to drop off your child?

Do you need an extended care program that allows you to drop off early or pick up late?

How involved do you want to be (or can you be) in the school?

Do you hope to include families from school in your social life?