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At Home Learning

Online Learning Resources

Are you looking for extra ways to keep your student engaged during the school closures due to COVID-19? We are compiling a list of online learning resources that can help your students learn virtually and support their course-work from home.


Prodigy: a free engaging curriculum aligned math platform.

Khan Academy: Created by experts, Khan Academy’s library of trusted, standards-aligned practice and lessons covers math K-12 through early college, grammar, science, history, AP®, SAT®, and more. It’s all free for learners and teachers.


Mystery Doug:  a weekly video series for elementary teachers (K-5) based entirely on questions that real students ask. They are currently offering their most popular science lessons to anyone to use for free.

National Geographic Kids: A great resource with games, videos, animals and additional exploration!


Typing Club: learn tough typing for free!

English Langugage Arts (ELA) and Reading

Squiggle Park: Reading skill building for ages 3 to 8+.

Storyline Online: streaming videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.

Progressive Phonics: an all in one reading program that is easy fun and totally free!

Teach your Monster to Read: A fun game that makes learning to read exciting!

Free e-books : Over 60,000 free eBooks!


History for Kids: a free online history network with articles, worksheets and quizzes on each section!

Tips and Tricks for Online Learning

With schools closed until at least April 6, parents/caregivers are surley wondering how they can support teachers and help keep their students engaged and learning for the next few weeks at home. Luckly, there are online resources to help keep students on track during this learn critical time.

Shake Up Learning shared an interview with an American teacher in China, Jennifer Pearson, where she discussed learning tips for teachers, schools , and families that can be extremely helpful during this time.


By: Jennifer Pearson


In this new frontier of online learning, everyone will need a little guidance as to how things should work when schools are closed for long periods of time. Our school created an online learning doctrine very quickly in reaction to the coronavirus closures.

A document outlining some basic guidelines for teachers from your school’s administration will clear up any gray areas. A document informing parents what they can expect from the school during online learning would also be comforting to parents.

Here’s an example Online Learning Doctrine. (click here to make a copy)

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Daily Schedules for School Closures- how to keep everyone on task

Keeping students on a regular schedule is extremely important amidst school closures. With Kansas City Public Schools currently closed until April 6 and all Kansas schools closed until August 2020, creating a schedule is going to be very helpful to ensure students are still learning and staying motivated until they are back in a classroom.

The Khan Academy has created a template that families can adopt or modify to suit the needs of their children. They are also hosting daily live streams (9zm PST/12 EST) on Facebook and Youtube for students, parents and teachers navigating school closures.

Student schedules: