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If you live within the Kansas City Public Schools district boundaries, your student can attend a free public district school, a free public charter school, as well as many faith-based and private schools. On our site you will find:


campuses with kindergartens


schools that welcome 7th graders


high schools

and everything in between!

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Find tools to know your options and discover a great school for your child right here in KC.


Consider needs and wants in a school. Think “must haves” vs. “nice to haves” and also things you don’t want at all.

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Priorities Worksheet


Learning about the options in your neighborhood and comparing several schools is key to the process.

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Plan to visit more than one school. See the classroom in action and experience the school culture firsthand.

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Questions to Ask on a School Tour


Be sure you know what each school requires and any deadlines that need to be met. Apply for schools on your list.

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Find My School District

Sometimes finding out more about your school options can be confusing.

Show Me KC Schools is here to help.

There are 15 school districts in the city of Kansas City. The interactive map to the right of the screen will allow you to find your school district.

Use your mousepad to hover over your neighborhood and click on your area. You will see details about the district in which you reside and find a link to your district website.

If you live in the Kansas City Missouri Public School District boundary or “Kansas City District 33” you have school choice options and are eligible to attend a KCPS district school, a charter school, and many faith-based and independent private schools as well. Our website will help you discover what those options are and learn more about how you can apply.

Stephanie Answer SMCKS Parent

“I remember getting ready for our daughter (our oldest child) to transition from pre-K to kindergarten. Being told there are well over 20 options for kindergarten, many with different application processes and deadlines felt very overwhelming. I attended Show Me KC Schools’ kindergarten workshop and remember leaving feeling so much more equipped to know what and how I needed to move forward. I have told so many people that Danielle and Show Me KC Schools has been one of the most helpful people/organizations in our family’s journey in public schooling and special education specifically. In the fall, our daughter will begin 2nd grade and our son will begin Kindergarten and we feel so confident that we found the school best suited for them to thrive.”

Stephanie A., KC Parent

KCPS Neighborhood School

kcps neighborhood

Any child who lives in the KCPS boundaries is guaranteed a seat at a neighborhood school.




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Each school has its own special theme. Applications are required for admission.



limited seats

Charter Schools


Charter schools operate independently of KCPS and often have a special theme or focus.



lottery for seats


Faith-based schools are private schools that are affiliated with a religious organization.


charge tuition

religious education

Faith Based and Independent Schools


Independent private schools are supported by organizations, individuals, and tuition.


charge tuition

can live anywhere

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Check out our community events calendar to see a variety of events such as school board meetings and open houses in addition to a number of programs hosted by Show Me KC Schools that will help you navigate your many school options.

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Show Me KC Schools has a variety of opportunities available to enthusiastic volunteers who are eager to help families understand their options.

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