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Helping KC families find the right school for their child right here in KC

Neighborhood schools, charter schools, signature schools, private schools – for anyone living in the Kansas City Public Schools district, finding the right school for our children is a challenge. Show Me KC Schools helps families navigate the elementary, middle, and high schools serving children and youth in the heart of Kansas City.

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Kansas City Public Schools Keeps Provisional Accreditation, But There's Work To Be Done

Nov 16, 2017
KCUR District officials say there’s a lot to celebrate, including a four-year graduation rate that’s up over 70 percent and gains on state science tests. KCPS has also already met the state’s goal of a 90 percent post-secondary placement rate … read more

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School fair gives parents options for education

Nov 11, 2017
KSHB Show Me KC Schools brought our online search tool to life with the second annual City School Fair. More than 55 schools and community organizations and over 500 visitors spent time on Saturday at the Central Library learning about … read more

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Charter schools in Kansas City, Part 2

Nov 2, 2017
KSHB Our founder and executive director was interviewed about the choices parents in Kansas City have to make about schools. "If you're a child living in the Kansas City Public School boundaries, you have about 30 kindergarten options," said Tricia … read more

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KCPS Board Will Reopen Lincoln Middle, Won't Rule Out Middle School South Of Brush Creek

Nov 2, 2017
KCUR Kansas City Public Schools will reopen Lincoln Middle to relieve overcrowding at the adjacent high school and offer a rigorous college preparatory program to more students. Read the full story at KCUR.

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Benjamin Banneker Charter Academy of Technology could close

Nov 1, 2017
KSHB Our founder and executive director, Tricia Johnson, was interviewed about November 11th's City School Fair for this article on Benjamin Banneker Charter Academy of Technology. "We'll have 55 KCPS, charter and parochial schools at the fair. We would love … read more

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If you are exploring this website you are probably like many other parents in Kansas City trying to understand the differences between schools and hoping to find the right school for your child. Here are some facts about Kansas City schools to get you started.
Where to Begin?

Where to Begin?

For many parents searching for the right school for their children, the questions are limitless: What’s my KCPS neighborhood school? What Catholic school can my child attend? What is a charter school? Our FAQ page is a good place to find these answers.
Navigating the Choices

Navigating the Choices

Not one, but 15 school districts serve students in Kansas City, Missouri. They are: Belton, Blue Springs, Center, Grandview, Hickman Mills, Independence, Kansas City Public Schools, Kearney, Lee’s Summit, Liberty, North Kansas City, Park Hill, Platte County, Raytown, and Smithville. Show Me KC Schools provides information about every K-12 school within Kansas City Public Schools’ boundaries – charter, district, private, and parochial.
What is a charter school?

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a tuition-free public school for families who live within the boundaries of the Kansas City Public Schools district. Charter schools operate independently of the traditional public school district and are governed as 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.
KCPS: Two Types of Schools

KCPS: Two Types of Schools

Did you know KCPS operates two types of schools- neighborhood schools and signature schools (previously “magnet schools”)? Signature schools offer specific educational themes, such as Montessori, foreign language, performing arts, or college preparation. All students living within the KCPS district may apply to attend a signature school, regardless of where they live in the district.