Raelyn Douglas, 1st grade parent

My daughter is in 1st grade at Brookside Charter School. She’s been at Brookside since the summer before her kindergarten year.  She loves Brookside because everyone is so friendly and helpful. Sending your child to school is scary, but when we walked into Brookside, I automatically knew my daughter was in a safe and secure place. We met teachers, toured the classroom, and I knew she was going to be just fine. My daughter has loved all of her teachers! They always communicate and ask parents to be involved in what’s going on. They want you to participate in everything from the classroom to events and even Brookside Bear games.

Brookside Charter has always been welcoming and patient, which is very important and for you and your child. Someone is always there to support you and your student.  Before and after school care is very helpful, too. Mornings and afternoons can be a little busy for me! Brookside is always clean and organized. It shows they care about the building and teach the students to care as well. Brookside Charter staff makes sure they are fully aware of who is in and out of the building. It’s safe for all of our kids and staff.

I love Brookside!! The staff is dedicated. The curriculum is rigorous, too.  I mean, I wasn’t reading like these students when I was in kindergarten! I have recommended Brookside Charter to a lot of my friends and they have enrolled their kids, too. It’s a great school community!

We are proud Brookside Bears!!

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