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  • Crossroads Academy Plans To Open High School In 18th & Vine Jazz District

    KCUR Crossroads Academy submitted a bid to the city to buy the old Crispus Attucks School building at 1815 Woodland Ave for its downtown high school. If accepted, it could ultimately house 500 high school students attending the expanding Crossroads Academy program. Read the full story on KCUR.
  • While the rest of the world invests more in education, the U.S. spends less

    The Hechinger Report U.S. spending on elementary and high school education declined 3 percent from 2010 to 2014 even as its economy prospered and its student population grew slightly by 1 percent, boiling down to a 4 percent decrease in spending per student. Over this same 2010 to 2014 period, education spending, on average, rose 5 percent per student across the 35 countries in the OECD. In some countries it rose at a much higher … read more
  • Protesters Outnumber Students At Education Secretary DeVos' Kansas City Stop

    KCUR At Kansas City Academy on Friday, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made veggie burgers in culinary class and a clay pot in ceramics, but she didn’t explain how a private liberal arts school known for its progressive values landed on her radar. “Why did we choose to come here?” said DeVos, echoing a question many in Kansas City have asked this week. “Well, because I’ve been visiting schools this week … read more
  • Central High School reviving marching band after 10-year absence

    KSHB 41 Central High School, also known as the Central Academy of Excellence, is reviving its marching band program after a 10-year absence. Watch the full story on KSHB 41.
  • Cramming for Kindergarten

    The Hechinger Report "In places like Indiana, where just 3 percent of children attend state-funded preschool, kids cram for kindergarten during a few weeks in the summer." Read the full story at
  • Youth Program is Helping Kids Plant the Seeds for Healthy Relationships

    NPR A youth program through the University of Maryland is helping teens cultivate positive relationships. The program is called "4-H", and is facilitated by Alexander Chan, a former marriage and family therapist. The focus is on creating positivity in their heads, hearts, hands, and health. Read the full story at
  • Schools handle title IX Cases for K-12 Students

    The Atlantic Schools are looking to redirect  conversations about Title IX expenses. "While K-12 schools have largely been left out of the debate, in recent years the Office for Civil Rights has seen a surge in Title IX complaints against these schools similar to those targeted at colleges and universities." Read the full story at
  • Meet Kansas City Schools' new deputy superintendent

    The Star Kansas City Public Schools welcomes new deputy superintendent to complete school board cabinet. Read the full story at
  • Popularity of dual-language education could leave Latino learners behind

    Hechinger Report "Rising popularity of dual-language education could leave Latino students behind. In D.C., native English speakers clamor for a program once designed for Latino immigrants. Who should get priority?" Read the full story at