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  • Applying To Most Charter Schools Is About To Get Easier For Kansas City Families

    KCUR Starting Monday, families living within Kansas City Public Schools boundaries can apply to 16 charter schools with a common application. Read all about and even a quote from our very own Tricia Johnson at KCUR.
  • ACLU: Missouri Schools Still Punishing Black Students More Severely Than White Students

    KCUR Some Missouri schools still seen punishing black students more severely than white students. A fall ACLU report found that black students made up 40 percent in out-of-school suspensions, despite them being 16 percent of the total student population receiving special education services. Legislative and policy director of the Missouri ACLU, Sara Baker, believes a major shift needs to happen to keep students away from the school-to-prison pipeline. Read more … read more
  • What’s school without grade levels?

    The Hechinger Report Is eliminating age-based grade levels the key to finally reaching mastery-level competencies? In North Dakota, one district seems to think so. Tasked with the goal to stop grouping students solely by age, they're adopting competency-based education where students progress through skills and concepts by demonstrating proficiency. Will it work? Learn more at The Hechinger Report.
  • State tests don’t have to be disconnected from classroom practice

    The Hechinger Report After introducing the ACT as the state test for high school students, Nebraska’s education commissioner, Matthew Blomstedt, is trying to change even more by looking at end of the year assessments for grades third through eighth. According to Blomstedt, the goal should be making improvements towards a truly student-centered education system. Without a change, the education system continues to be "disjointed from what happens in the classroom." Read … read more
  • Kauffman Grant Will Keep Tutoring Center At Kansas City Elementary School Open

    KCUR Kauffman Grant secures tutoring program at Kansas City Public Schools' Pitcher Elementary. Read about it's success at KCUR.
  • Parents look for new options after KC charter school closes less than a month before classes starts

    Fox 4 News A Kansas City charter school is closing its doors for good, leaving more than 300 students less than one month to enroll at a new school. Read more at Fox 4 News.
  • KC charter school closes, leaving parents scrambling to find another option

    Kansas City Star For years, Benjamin Banneker Charter Academy of Technology struggled to meet state performance expectations. As a result, last October its sponsor, the University of Central Missouri, severed ties with the charter. Its contract expired June 30. Read more at The Star.
  • Girls-only shop classes spreading

    Girls-only trade classes are gaining traction, and the timing is right. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up only 2 percent in auto mechanics, 3 percent of construction workers and 4.5 percent of welders.High schools like Myers Park (Charlotte, NC) have found that when they offer female-only trade courses, the girls sign up. Problem is-- schools could face problems with Title IX regulations regarding same-sex education. Read … read more
  • Art project connects metro school with Russian orphans

    41 Action News Art project by students from The Pembroke Hill School connects them to Russia. Students in Connie Creek's art class participated in a project this past January that connected them to children at an orphanage in Russia. The project showcased 11 portraits of children from diverse backgrounds. Despite ongoing controversy, Creek believes the art project helped spread a unique message. See the work at 41 Action News.