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  • Buffalo show turnaround of urban schools

    The Hechinger Report Black and Latino students have seen the most dramatic improvements, significantly narrowing the graduation gap with their white peers. Family support specialist creates "family-like" bond with students, helping them to improve socially and academically. Read the full story at
  • why whites and asians have different views on success

    The Atlantic New study explores why Asians are more likely to attend elite colleges and struggle, than white counter-parts attending less-selective schools where they'd excel. Read the full story at
  • Students Compete in First-Ever International High School Robotics Competition

    NPR The first-ever international high school robotics competition is happening in Washington, D.C., this week. Over 150 countries from six continents sent teams to compete. Read the full story at
  • Group gets grant to improve after school science program

    KC Star The Maine Mathematics & Science receives nearly $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation to provide training for out-of-school educators. The alliance says the grant will  train educators such as librarians to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics into their communities. Read the full story at
  • Study: Holding kids back a grade doesn't necessarily hold them back

    NPR Study suggests that students be placed in developmentally appropriate classrooms, rather than grouping children by age. "Nationwide, about one in 10 children must repeat at least one grade, and they tend to be disproportionately low-income or come from minority groups. Following on the stereotype of the too-tall kid crammed into a too-small desk in the back row, previous research has looked at the potential downsides of grade retention: stigma, … read more
  • New Maker Space Debuts at AC Prep Elementary

    The Plug Kansas City Public Schools, the Heart of America Foundation (HOA) and the AbbVie Foundation unveiled a new educational maker space during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, June 28 at African Centered Prep Elementary School. Read the full story at
  • Teacher of the year in Oklahoma moves to Texas for the money

    NPR After an unsuccessful run for state office, Oklahoma's 2016 Teach of the Year, Shawn Sheehan, moves to Texas. "Over the past few years, thousands of public school teachers in Oklahoma, like Sheehan, have left the state for better pay and less stress (fewer classes, smaller classes, less instruction time)." Read he full story at
  • Schools let students take laptops home in hopes of curbing 'summer slide'

    NPR Students at French Middle School, Topeka Public Schools in Kansas, are apart of a rising number of systems that are letting students take their school-issued devices home over the summer months. Read the full story at
  • How Black Girls Aren't Afforded the Presumption of Innocence

    The Atlantic "A growing body of evidence has shown that the American education and criminal-justice systems dole out harsher and more frequent discipline to black youth compared with their non-black peers. But while most of that research has focused on black boys, a new study from the Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality specifically turned its attention to society’s perception of black girls." Read the full story at