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  • School programs can boost interest, STEM research shows

    Hechinger Report The Trump administration says it wants to encourage girls in STEM fields, but also proposes cutting after-school programs. After-school programs can help students develop an interest in science, technology, engineering or math. If students haven't development an interest in them by middle school, it's unlikely to happen. After-school programs can help expose students to these fields outside of the school day, providing an opportunity for them to gain … read more
  • Sunshine Improves Test Scores

    The Atlantic New research shows students who start their day with a little Vitamin D perform better on assessments. Read the full story at
  • Kansas City Teacher of the Year

    KC Star Time is a valuable commodity for Derrik Wiggins and his third-grade students at Kansas City’s George Washington Carver Dual Language School. And nobody is wasting any of it in his classroom.  Read the full story at KC
  • Florida Vouchers Bring Choices Not Guarantees

    NPR Florida mom struggles to find school that'll accept 9-year-old son with autism, ADHD and a seizure disorder. "They talk about McKay like it's this great thing, but talk to these private schools and as soon as I say 'behavioral issues,' they'll tell you that they can't accommodate him," Lynn says. Read the full story at
  • meet the new principals trying to transform kansas city public schools

    KCUR Kansas City Public Schools Supt. Mark Bedell promised to bring new leadership to the provisionally accredited district. He did that by hiring six new principals. Read the full story at
  • a little-noticed target in the house health bill: special education

    NY Times With all the sweeping changes the Republican bill would impose, little attention has been paid to its potential impact on education. School districts rely on Medicaid, the federal health care program for the poor, to provide costly services to millions of students with disabilities across the country. Read the full story at
  • PreK: Decades worth of study, one strong message

    NPR Kids who attend preschool are better prepared for kindergarten than those who don't. Read the full story at
  • The Privilege of School Choice

    The Atlantic When given the chance, will wealthy parents ever choose to desegregate schools? Last year, a contentious zone change in New York City forced well-off parents to decide whether or not to integrate a high-poverty school. The exact-same scenario had played out a half-century earlier during the city’s brief attempt at school desegregation. Read the full story at
  • District says 24 credits and a d-minus aren't good enough

    Hechinger  Report Connecticut district focusing on a buy-in for mastery-based learning in classrooms. Superintendent Susan Bell likes to say 24 credits and a D-minus average — what used to be the cutoff for graduation — is not enough. Read the full story at