Toriana V. Saddler, 1st and 5th grade parent

When asked to write a Parent Perspective on Faxon Elementary, I jumped at the opportunity! This is our second year at Faxon, and we couldn’t be happier with the progress our kiddos have made. We currently have a 5th grader, 1st grader and next year we will add a Kindergartener to the mix. Faxon has been in our family back when it was a Montessori school, so this was the natural direction for our family to go.

I can honestly say that over the last two years both of my children have progressed and matured not only academically but also as positive members of society. From day one I have had a clear understanding of expectations from both of their teachers as well as leadership as to what is consistently expected. As a team, we have worked together for the greater good of my children. I have a relationship with staff that extends outside of the classroom which makes me feel even better about the fact that these educators are with my kids eight plus hours of the day.

Both of my kids also participate in the LINC program, and let me tell you, this staff is AMAZING! They have so much energy and are so engaging.  The LINC program is definitely an added benefit of  the school day. I know my kids are still getting quality education while running off their extra energy.

With any school there is always an opportunity for parent involvement and Faxon is no different. However, the difference is there is an immense amount of support from staff to aid in these efforts. Recently I brought the idea of starting a PTA to the school leadership and was met with enthusiasm and support. So be on the lookout because great things are happening at Faxon!

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