Crystal Robinson, 3rd and 4th grade parent

As I went to many kindergarten round ups years ago I asked them all one question: “How would you help my child if they were having difficulty learning?” Most gave the generic answer “we strive to make sure that every child has every resource to be successful.” Genesis gave me a different answer. They said “well Mom that’s up to you. We provide many workshops and tutoring to assist your child. We will do everything in our power, together, to make sure your child is successful.” 

My children don’t have learning difficulties and  I am very involved with their academics, but  I know that some parents just don’t have the time. I wanted to make sure that if there ever was a time that I couldn’t come to the school, that someone would be there helping my child through difficulties. I took a chance with Genesis, I allowed them to nurture and teach my children.


At first Genesis was a building on a street with a name, the teachers’ faces were unrecognizable now it’s so much more. It’s a community that strives to inspire students that there more than their circumstance. There more than what the world says they are. They are responsive, resourceful, responsible, and most of all respectful.Visit Genesis’ profile page.