Ciera Allen, 2nd grade parent

My daughter, Aubrey, currently attends Melcher.  I also have a two-year old I plan to send to Melcher.

This is my daughter’s second year at Melcher.  Every week I receive a newsletter with classroom and building events.  I chose Melcher because I live in the vicinity and want my children to attend their neighborhood school.  Also, my mother has subbed in the building and always has good things to say about the school. I’ve noticed that Melcher principal and teachers have good control of the students.  I don’t see a lot of behavior problems.  The building is decorated nice and pretty with a calm environment.

I like Melcher because the principal helps to match the students up with their teachers.  She really cares about the students there.  My daughter talks a lot and her teacher has good control over her talking habits.  I teach my daughter structure at home and her teacher works with me on that.  My daughter has grown a lot since being in Melcher.

As a parent I have the opportunity to attend SAC meetings and school programs.  Parent meetings are each month as Muffins-with-Mom or Donuts-with-Dad meetings or after school dinners.

Melcher also offers a dance team.  My daughter can’t wait until next year so she can be a part of it! My daughter also goes to the before/after school program (LINC). They have girl scouts, basketball, cheerleading and robotics.

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