Julie Ball, Hale Cook Parent

As parents of three children, all very close in age and very different in ability, we were perplexed by the many school options available. We were looking for a school that would benefit our entire family and were excited to hear about the potential of a neighborhood school reopening less than a mile from our home. We decided that it would be important for us to fully immerse ourselves in the school community; we began attending meetings before the doors to the school opened. We immediately knew that this school would be an amazing fit for our family!

The day the school reopened, we were thrilled to send all three of our children off at the same time (2nd grade, 1st grade and Pre-K). We immediately felt welcomed and accepted. We knew our children were safe and that the amazing staff had our children’s best interests at heart. We have become extremely involved and have put our whole hearts into a school that has given our family so much.

An important aspect of schooling, for our family, is a sense of community. We have not been disappointed with the community Hale Cook has provided. We know all the teachers, administrators and support staff and they know our family. They continually show us that they are committed to our children, excited to teach them and eager to watch them grow.

Our three children are so entirely different, two who learn differently (dyslexia) and one who often tests above grade level; all three of our children have had amazing experiences at Hale Cook. We are surrounded by teachers and a principal who have pushed, challenged deeper learning and tirelessly provided accommodations and suggestions for improved learning experiences. We are so grateful for Hale Cook!

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