Welcome to Show Me KC Schools!

Welcome to Show Me KC Schools! If you are exploring this site, you are probably looking for the right school for a student in your life. You’ve come to the right place!

About Show Me KC Schools

Show Me KC Schools is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help families make well-informed decisions about their students’ education by providing vital information about the school options available. The idea for Show Me KC Schools grew from a group of concerned parents with school-aged children who were committed to living in Kansas City, Missouri and eager to find the right education for their children. We’ve grown to offer a variety of programs for Kansas Citians including our city-wide school fair, school tours and our thriving website. We’re a one stop shop to get you started on finding the right school for your family. (You can learn more by watching the video at the bottom of this page!)


About This Website

This site not only has tips and helpful information about how to search for a school, it offers a taste of each district, charter, faith-based and independent private school available to students within the Kansas City Public Schools boundaries. It’s a good place to start as you become familiar with the numerous options available.


Digging into Kansas City Schools

The information here on www.ShowMeKCSchools.org, is gathered from publicly available government and/or school sources. We aim to keep it as updated and accurate as possible and of course, it is subject to change.  If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see us add to this site, please contact us through the contact link above. We’d love to hear from you.

As a Kansas City parent, I am encouraged and impressed by the number and variety of options available in our city. I hope you find this guide useful in identifying the right school for your student.

Tricia Johnson
Executive Director
Show Me KC Schools

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