Find the right school for your child, right here in KC.

In November, 2017 Show Me KC Schools created the first printed guide to schools for families living in the KCPS boundaries. It was a hit! Now the second School Guide KC is out for 2019-2020. The guide, available throughout the city, not only has tips and helpful information about how to search for a school, just like this website it offers a taste of each district, charter, faith-based and independent private school available to students within the Kansas City Public Schools boundaries. It’s a good place to start as you become familiar with the numerous options available. Pick one up at any Kansas City Public Library or listed social service agency* or read it right here, below.

Would you like to order the School Guide KC in bulk? Shoot us an email to let us know how many you’d like. We’ll even deliver them to you!

*School Guide KC is available at all KC Public Libraries and the following agencies:
Phoenix Family Housing
Mattie Rhodes Center
Kansas City Housing Authority
Samuel L Rogers Health Center