Lisa Weis, 10th grade parent

My son is a sophomore at Kansas City Academy and started attending in 7th grade. When he was in 5th grade, we had a turning point in his educational endeavors.  While his grades remained excellent, it was becoming apparent that our son wasn’t happy at school and needed a different learning environment.  He had many friends, was involved in sports, and was well-liked by his teachers, but he wanted to be in a school that involved him in his own learning and could provide him with more individual attention.

He told us, “I can’t stand being talked at by teachers anymore.” Wow!  That was a very eye opening statement! After hearing this, our search began in earnest to find him a new school and led us to KCA. On our tour of the school, we noticed that classes were smaller and students were fully engaged in their own learning processes.  The Art and Culinary Program was a big hit for our son.

Watching him find his own voice regarding what direction he wanted his life to go was an incredible experience for us as his parents. KCA teachers and staff supported our son and go above and beyond for any student to help them be successful. Community Circle, an all school gathering that is coordinated by the students, gives students a voice and the opportunity to be an integral part of their own education.

There are many field trips tailored to specific classes, alumni and expert professionals who visit and converse with students, and a variety of student-driven extracurricular activities. The spirit of inclusiveness is the biggest wow factor at KCA. If you have an open-mind, and a desire to have a unique individualized learning experience, KCA is just for you.

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