Elizabeth R., 11th grade parent

I have an 11th grader at Lincoln Prep and  an older daughter who graduated in 2014.  Both started in middle school.  We chose Lincoln for its stellar academic reputation.  We were not familiar with the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) when we started, but have been very impressed by the critical thinking and academic rigor it offers.  My older daughter felt extremely well prepared for her freshman year of college.

We value the social and economic diversity of the student body as much as the academic program.  No other school in Kansas City offers a student body with the range of backgrounds that Lincoln does.  It has given my children an innate level of comfort with people who on the surface appear to be very different.

Over the past decade, Lincoln has gone through a generational transition.  Many veteran teachers have retired, and new teachers have come on board.  The current roster of teachers is engaged, accessible, and excited to be at Lincoln. They appreciate the caliber of the student body and the academic depth of the curriculum.  We are also very pleased with the leadership offered by the current team of administrators.

Lincoln offers a range of athletic teams for boys and girls as well as academic extracurricular activities, such as debate and robotics.  Other activities include JRTOC, drama, National Honor Society, Key Club, student council, film club, etc.

Lincoln High School is a historic building that feels like a school.  All classrooms have been wired for digital technology and outfitted with smartboards. A new cafeteria is under construction.  While there is room for improvements, my priority is the quality of the teachers rather than the appearance of the building.

Enrollment has grown over the past few years, and many classes now have 25-30 students.  This is not ideal.  I would like to see the old middle school reopened and the Lincoln “campus” reestablished. School Advisory Committee (SAC) is primary vehicle for parent involvement.  SAC holds monthly meetings on a variety of topics of interest to parents and engages parents to support school activities.

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