Points of Pride

  1. Honors Programs: Algebra, Science and History
  2. Class within a class for Exceptional Ed, as well as Essential Skills for the medically fragile
  3. New American Program – 19 languages spoken among our 7th & 8th graders

Application Process

KCPS middle school assignments are based off feeder patterns where elementary schools feed into middle schools. This means that students who live within the same elementary school boundary will all attend the same middle school. The goal is to keep students together with their neighbors and classmates as they transition from elementary school to middle school, thus easing the transition to a new school setting and building relationships between the elementary school and middle school.

Feeder Schools: Garcia, Garfield, Gladstone, James, Phillips, Pitcher, Rogers, Trailwoods, Whittier

Students must live within Northeast Middle School’s boundaries. Find an Enrollment Application here.

School Info Last Updated: June 14, 2017