Points of Pride

  1. Notre Dame de Sion is committed to creating a healthy school environment that supports the development of lifelong wellness practices and promotes healthy eating. We are pleased that alumna Jackie Habiger, from Future Foodies and co-owner of Room 39, continues to prepare delicious hot lunches on-site and will incorporate foods grown in our community garden.
  2. Our robust physical education program includes Kansas City’s only year-round swimming curriculum taught by certified instructors in our own indoor pool. 
  3. Rooted in our Catholic faith and infused with our Mission of respect and inclusion, Sion embraces children of all religious and cultural backgrounds. We believe this commitment to tradition combined with a 21st century approach to global awareness best prepares your child to grow

Application Process

Applications are being accepted for Sion Petite ( 2 year old room), Montessori and K-8th.  Download an application and submit it with the application fee. Contact siondifference@ndsion.edu or 816-753-3810 for more information.


School Info Last Updated: November 16, 2017