Points of Pride

  1. Notre Dame de Sion School in Kansas City is one of 17 Sion schools around the world; we offer study tours and exchange programs with many of them.
  2. Sion currently offers 7 courses with credit through Rockhurst University and 10 College Board Advanced Placement courses; these opportunities for an accelerated academic experience are continually evident in Sion’s representation as National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists and commendations. 
  3. Sion proudly provides an all-girls’ high school education, which research has shown better prepares students for success in college and beyond when compared to their peers attending co-educational schools.


Application Process

The only application requirement is to fill out an application, provide teacher recommendations, application fee, and take the High School Placement Test. For more info, contact siondifference@ndsion.edu or 816-942-3282.

School Info Last Updated: November 16, 2017