• DeLaSalle is a free public charter high school open to students within Kansas City Public School boundaries. DeLaSalle focuses on providing support for students who need extensive academic, social, and emotional interventions in order to find classroom success. Due to this intentional focus, class sizes are kept small and enrollment is selective. Students are bussed to school or dropped off by parents each day.
  • Dr. Sanders (featured left) is head principal at DeLaSalle. She has spent several years in education and believes that with the right supports all students can find success at school. Here she jokes with a staff member while they supervise students in the cafeteria.
  • When they enter the building, parents and community partners must first check in with security. DeLaSalle is committed to the safety of all students in the building.
  • Aim4Peace is one local organization that supports students at DeLaSalle. These community mentors help students to stay on track behaviorally through small group support and mentoring.
  • In addition to Aim4Peace, students at DeLaSalle have access to school counselors who meet with them about academic and social concerns. They too hold small groups and help students to work through differences.
  • DeLaSalle has a strategic partnership with Swope Parkway Health Center which has offices inside of the building. Because of this partnership students have access to licensed clinical therapists and medical professionals to keep them both mentally and physically healthy. DeLaSalle also has college counselors on staff to help students navigate the college application and admissions process.
  • In class, students are encouraged to share their thinking and collaborate with one another. Here, a student walks his classmates through his mathematical thinking step by step at the front of the room.
  • In this math classroom, an instructor works to help a student one on one. Personalized attention and support for learning are hallmarks of instruction at DeLaSalle Charter High School.
  • In their science classes, students are encouraged to think critically about course content by examining specimens underneath a microscope and creating their own diagrams.
  • Here, a science teacher assists a student with a lab project.
  • In English class, students are working in small groups to discuss a piece of literature. Small group collaboration is often encouraged at DeLaSalle. Notice the computers in the background. All students at DeLaSalle Charter High School have access to technology when they need it.
  • In this English class, students are working online to complete an assignment given to them by their teacher. In this instance, they are able to work on it as a group.
  • In social studies, these students are participating in a discussion with their teacher. Because class sizes are intentionally kept small, students are able to get the one on one attention they need for success in class.
  • In addition to traditional classes, students at DeLaSalle can participate in a robust culinary arts program and receive a certificate in the area. Here, the facilitator of that culinary program shows off his students’ work making dough.
  • Students in DeLaSalle’s culinary program are proud to wear their chef’s coats and sharpen their skills preparing food for one another.
  • In their art class, students work on mixed media pieces that will later be displayed around the building.
  • Student art adorns every hallway in DeLaSalle High School. Students painted this mural over their lockers.
  • This mosaic was created entirely by students and resides in another hallway.
  • This art piece sits outside of the school library. Students and teachers use the school library for research projects and as a gathering place to share ideas.
  • Here, a class is gathered in the library to view a documentary with their teacher.
  • In physical education students learn about traditional sports and also about health. The gym at DeLaSalle doubles as the auditorium.
  • When the weather is warm, students are able to gather in outdoor spaces like this one between classes, during lunch, and after school. This courtyard is completely enclosed and can only be accessed from inside of the school building.
  • In addition to hosting typical high school students, DeLaSalle offers programming for students who have dropped out of high school but would like to get their GED. These classes are held in a separate part of the building and those interested can enroll in them through the school.
  • At DeLaSalle educators and students are encouraged to be their best and reminded of their capabilities at every turn.
  • Dr. Sanders wouldn’t have it any other way.

DeLaSalle Education Center (9-12)

DeLaSalle Education Center

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3737 Troost Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64109
816- 561-4445 Visit School Website

School Leader(s)

Sean Stalling, Executive Director stallings@delasallecenter.org
  • NO Tuition
  • Limited space available for 2021-2022
  • Transportation provided
  • No Before or After Care Available
  • Participating SchoolAppKC School

Quick Facts

Our Mission

To engage our students in education that prepares them for learning, work, and life after high school. Every student will graduate with a diploma and market value asset.


We are Kansas City's only charter high school providing an alternative education to students from the urban core.

Points of Pride

  • Entrepreneurial and College and Career Readiness
  • Freshman Academy Nationally Recognized Program
  • Social Emotional Learning through Healthy Communities

School Hours

  • School Hours: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • Before Care Hours Start: No Before Care available.
  • After Care Hours End: No After Care available

School Details

  • Year Established: 1971
  • Total Enrollment: 140
  • Affiliation: Charter
  • School Type: Charter

Charter Sponsor

  • Missouri Charter Public School Commission


  • Tuition: NO Tuition

Our Demographics


Receive Special Ed Services


English Language Learners

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Programs and Features

Specialized Programs

  • Alternative
  • College Prep
  • Early College

Arts Programs

  • Choir
  • Drama + Theater
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Poetry

Sports Programs

  • Basketball (Boys)
  • Basketball (Girls)
  • Bowling (Boys)
  • Bowling (Girls)
  • Cheerleading (Boys)
  • Cheerleading (Girls)
  • Track and Field (Boys)
  • Track and Field (Girls)

Clubs + Activities

  • Chess Club
  • Coding
  • Culinary Arts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Future Business Leaders
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Peer Counseling
  • Robotics
  • Speech + Debate
  • Step Team
  • Student Government

Family Engagement

  • Evening Family Events
  • Family Appreciation Events
  • Field Trip Chaperone
  • Parent Communication App
  • Parent Education Programs
  • Parent-Teacher Association
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Schoolwide Volunteers
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Application Process

Application Details

Although many schools have application deadlines, most continue to accept applications for available seats on an ongoing basis.

  • Application Open: November 13, 2021
  • Application Close: March 1, 2022
  • Offer Date: March 7, 2022
  • Decision Date: March 14, 2022
  • Residence: Students must live within the KCPS boundaries.

How to Apply

DeLaSalle Education Center is one of the Kansas City charter schools working together to simplify their initial application process.  We are a school that serves all students.  Our nationally recognized Freshman Academy allows 9th graders to learn in a safe community.  They will take academic risk and grow with a dedicated team of teachers.  Our goal is that every 9th grader is on-track to graduation by the end of their first year of high school.  

An On-track student is more likely to graduate in 4 years.  Being On-Track and On-Time to graduation is important for every student at DeLaSalle Education Center and Kansas City.   Our school specializes in getting every student to graduation.  In addition to graduation students  will graduate with a high school diploma and a market value asset that makes them stand out in both college and career fields.  

Learn more about DeLaSalle Education Center by 

calling Corey Boston, Director of Admissions at (816) 561-4445 to schedule your enrollment appointment.

If DeLaSalle does not have space, you may choose to remain on their waiting list

Admission Preferences

Siblings , Alumni , Employee

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Student Performance

Standardized Test Results



Why It Matters

Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests are scored (or graded) according to four achievement levels: Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. The number shown here is the percentage of students who scored Proficient or Advanced. When comparing scores between years, please remember that the test Missouri gives has changed several times.

Please note that private schools are not required to participate in these exams.

In 2019, the average English score in Missouri was 48.7%; the average Math score was 41.9%, source

Attendance Rate 90/90


Why It Matters

Schools strive to have at least 90% of their students achieve a 90% attendance rate because kids learn best when they’re in school.

In 2019, 87.3% of Missouri students were in attendance at least 90% of the time, source.

Student Growth

English Language Arts


Why It Matters

This data determines if individual students, compared to their peers, are making achievement gains over time in English Language Arts.

There are three categories possible: Floor (minimum), On Track (doing just fine), and Exceeding (outperforming their peers).



Why It Matters

This data determines if individual students, compared to their peers, are making achievement gains over time in Mathematics.

There are three categories possible: Floor (minimum), On Track (doing just fine), and Exceeding (outperforming their peers).

Student Retention Rate

Dropout Rate


Why It Matters

The dropout rate helps tell the story of the graduation rate because it takes into account students who take more than four years to graduate or who transferred to other schools.

In 2019, the average dropout rate in Missouri was 1.9%, source.

Graduation Rate


Why It Matters

The number of students who started at a school in 9th grade and graduate from that particular school four years later.

In 2019, the average graduation rate in Missouri was 89.64%, source.

ACT Scores

ACT Average Score


ACT Participation Rate


Why It Matters

The ACT is a standardized test that many students take before applying to college. This is the percentage of graduates who took the ACT and their average score. Students need a score of at least 18 in order to qualify for Missouri A+ Scholarships. Research shows that students who earn a 21 or higher have the best chance of earning grades C or higher in college.

In 2019, Missouri’s average ACT score was 20.6 and the percent of graduates who took the ACT was 76.69%, source

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Parent Perspective

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