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  • Northeast Middle School is a public 7th and 8th grade neighborhood school and a part of Kansas City Public Schools. Students at Northeast Middle are bussed to school from the surrounding neighborhood. Many of them walk or are dropped off by parents as well. Students at Northeast Middle are expected to wear uniforms. These consist of khaki or navy bottoms and white or navy shirts.
  • Cleora Taylor is head principal at Northeast Middle. She has been with the school for several years. Along with her administrative team, Principal Taylor has worked hard to create an environment where all students can learn.
  • Along with Principal Taylor, Assistant Principal Ukuu supervises students at Northeast Middle. Here, he dismisses students from the auditorium and back to class after lunch.
  • Hallways at Northeast Middle School were painted by community volunteers. Each one features unique murals and bright colors.
  • Common spaces like this one exist on each floor. Students can gather here on their own to check in with each other between classes. Teachers can assign small groups to this space for work time or entire classes can meet here to get outside of their classroom.
  • Students also have benches like this one outside of most classrooms. They too are painted with murals by members of the Northeast Middle School community.
  • City Year corps members are a prominent feature at Northeast Middle School. Volunteers sign up to spend a year in the building supporting student learning. They do this by sitting in classrooms to work alongside students, offering after school tutoring, and sponsoring after school clubs and incentives for students.
  • At Northeast Middle, students are rewarded when they meet behavioral and academic expectations. Throughout the year, students are able to spend free time in this game room with adult supervision as one of their rewards.
  • In class, students at Northeast Middle are encouraged to work together on complex problems. These art students are using repurposed materials to build rockets in teams. All students at Northeast Middle go to art class weekly.
  • In music class, students are learning to play the guitar. All students go to music class weekly at Northeast Middle.
  • In gym class, students are able to learn about outdoor and indoor sports. Here, students are running on the track during class. Students at Northeast Middle share their outdoor track and field with Northeast High school located just next door. All students go to gym class weekly at Northeast Middle.
  • Students also use this basketball court and an adjacent soccer field during their gym time outside.
  • Inside, boys and girls have separate gyms and separate gym teachers at Northeast Middle.
  • In computer class, students play typing games to practice keyboarding skills. All students go to computer class weekly at Northeast Middle.
  • In the library, students have flexible seats and a lot of space. Classes go to the library with their teacher regularly.
  • Here, students are divided into small groups for a project. Their teacher puts instructions on the board and checks in to be sure that each group is on track. Students who prefer to work alone also have that option at Northeast Middle.
  • In this English class, students are participating in an in class debate. They have researched their topic and are presenting their argument to their peers and teacher.
  • In this class, a teacher works one on one to help a student complete an online assignment. All students are given laptops at Northeast Middle School. In many classes they are used to complete coursework.
  • In this science class, a City Year volunteer sits next to a student. She is there to serve as a learning support when needed.
  • These students work in small groups to play a game. Here they are working to answer questions their teacher has written on note cards.
  • Here, math students are completing a review in small groups. Their teacher circles the room to offer help when needed.
  • While these math students work to complete an assignment with support from their teacher.
  • Northeast Middle school has students from all over the world. They speak many languages and often require support. The school has classes specifically for children who are new to the country. In these New American classes, students learn the building blocks needed for an American education. Here, students participate in Family and Consumer Science class where they learn cooking and life skills as well.
  • At Northeast Middle, the staff works well together so they can show kids how to work well together.

Northeast Middle School (7-8)

Northeast Middle School

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4904 Independence Ave
Kansas City, MO 64124
816-418-3400 Visit School Website

School Leader(s)

Brett Schriewer, Principal
  • NO Tuition
  • Availability for 2021-2022
  • Transportation provided
  • Before and After-Care Available

Quick Facts

Our Mission

The mission of Northeast Middle School is to pursue excellence in all areas by providing rigorous academics, developing leaders, fostering creativity, and empowering students with the essential skills to navigate the 21st century.

Points of Pride

  • Honors Programs: Algebra, Science and History
  • Class within a class for Exceptional Ed, as well as Essential Skills for the medically fragile
  • New American Program - 19 languages spoken among our 7th & 8th graders

School Hours

  • School Hours: 8:20 am - 3:20 pm
  • Before Care Hours Start: Information not shared with SMKCS
  • After Care Hours End: Information not shared with SMKCS

School Details

  • Year Established: 2014
  • Total Enrollment: 773
  • Affiliation: KCPS-Neighborhood
  • School Type: KCPS-Neighborhood


  • Tuition: NO Tuition

Our Demographics


Receive Special Ed Services


English Language Learners

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Programs and Features

Specialized Programs

  • N/A

Arts Programs

  • Band
  • Choir
  • Drama + Theater
  • Poetry
  • Visual Arts

Sports Programs

  • Basketball (Boys)
  • Basketball (Girls)
  • Cheerleading (Girls)
  • Cross Country (Boys)
  • Cross Country (Girls)
  • Indoor Track (Boys)
  • Indoor Track (Girls)
  • Soccer (Boys)
  • Soccer (Girls)
  • Track and Field (Boys)
  • Track and Field (Girls)
  • Volleyball (Boys)
  • Volleyball (Girls)
  • Wrestling (Boys)

Clubs + Activities

  • Debate
  • Journalism/Newspaper
  • Peer Counseling
  • Robotics
  • Student Government

Family Engagement

  • Evening Family Events
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Application Process

Application Details

Although many schools have application deadlines, most continue to accept applications for available seats on an ongoing basis.

  • Enrollment Open: Ongoing. More information is available here.
  • Residence: Students must live within Northeast Middle's boundaries in the KCPS boundaries.

How to Apply

Enroll online on the KCPS website

Applications for signature and neighborhood schools open on December 14, 2020

The initial round of applications deadline is February 15, 2021

The week of March 1st, initial seats will be offered, and parents will need to complete the registration form.

You can still apply after the deadline, seats will be offered at a later date.

Submit applications online or in person at the Board of Education building, 2901 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO 64109. Applications CANNOT be submitted at schools.

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Student Performance

Standardized Test Results



Why It Matters

Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests are scored (or graded) according to four achievement levels: Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. The number shown here is the percentage of students who scored Proficient or Advanced. When comparing scores between years, please remember that the test Missouri gives has changed several times.

Please note that private schools are not required to participate in these exams.

In 2019, the average English score in Missouri was 48.7%; the average Math score was 41.9%, source

Attendance Rate 90/90


Why It Matters

Schools strive to have at least 90% of their students achieve a 90% attendance rate because kids learn best when they’re in school.

In 2019, 87.3% of Missouri students were in attendance at least 90% of the time, source.

Student Growth

English Language Arts


Why It Matters

This data determines if individual students, compared to their peers, are making achievement gains over time in English Language Arts.

There are three categories possible: Floor (minimum), On Track (doing just fine), and Exceeding (outperforming their peers).



Why It Matters

This data determines if individual students, compared to their peers, are making achievement gains over time in Mathematics.

There are three categories possible: Floor (minimum), On Track (doing just fine), and Exceeding (outperforming their peers).

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