You Can’t Win the Game When You Don’t Know the Rules

Show Me KC Schools Helps to Write the Rules

“Helping parents navigate the school system is our job. A big part of people moving between schools is being able to communicate their needs and concerns. With this document, we are saying ‘here is what you are owed and here is how you get it.’”
Leslie Kohlmeyer, Director of Programs, SMKCS

Two years ago, Show Me KC Schools’ staff, along with parents, community members, and educators, recognized the need for a KC Parents’ Bill of Rights to help parents understand how they can be advocates for their children and increase parent engagement. This Parents’ Bill of Rights would benefit both parents and schools in regards to their student’s education. Currently, there are no clear guidelines that specify what parents do and do not have the right to request from their child’s educators, or what responsibilities parents must uphold.

Along with a team of committed parents from KCPS, charter and private schools, we embarked on a journey to create guidelines to help facilitate conversations between parents and teachers while providing mutual protection for both parents and schools.

Through this collaborative process, spearheaded by Show Me KC Schools, parents, community members, and school administrators worked side by side to hash out the details that will become the Kansas City’s Parents’ Bill of Rights.

Our hope is that every parent in the Kansas City area is able to use this document to help guide the education of their child and foster communication between educators and parents.

Show Me KC Schools will unveil the completed Kansas City’s Parents’ Bill of Rights on September 19. We hope you can join us for this monumental event in our organization’s history!

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