20 Mar 2021

What does it mean to be placed on a waitlist while applying to schools? 


By: Leslie Kohlmeyer, Director of SchoolAppKC We first have to understand why waitlists are needed at all. Prior to charter schools being opened, the normal process for families and kids to apply to school would have all gone through the district. A family would have applied either to a [...]

What does it mean to be placed on a waitlist while applying to schools? 2021-04-07T13:55:13-05:00
1 Mar 2021

What Black History and Education Mean to Me


By Dr. Jessie O. Kirksey, principal at Hartman Elementary Growing up in my beloved “5th Street Neighborhood” in Kansas City, Kansas, set the tone of a lifetime of commitment, resolution and hunger for learning. The support and expectations of my family, community, and church led me to become an outstanding [...]

What Black History and Education Mean to Me2021-03-01T11:05:21-06:00
8 Feb 2021

It’s school application season! But why?


By: Danielle Dispenza, SMKCS School Navigator When I was a kid, I just went to school. My address within a school district determined what schools I attended Kindergarten through 12 grade. These schools are oftentimes located close to where a student lives, determined by a neighborhood. This type of [...]

It’s school application season! But why?2021-02-08T09:44:51-06:00
1 May 2020

Teacher Appreciation: Quarantine 2020 Edition


During Teacher Appreciation Week 2020, gratitude to teachers feel different than they ever have before. Not only have teachers completely shifted the way they teach and interact with their students, but parents have also stepped into the role of teacher.  In light of COVID-19, the duo-team of parents and [...]

Teacher Appreciation: Quarantine 2020 Edition2020-05-01T10:37:10-05:00
6 Feb 2020

SchoolAppKC Streamlines Application and Tours


Visit 16 SchoolAppKC Schools on School Saturday February 22 Selecting a school for a student in the Kansas City public school boundaries can be a challenge. Within the Kansas City Public Schools Boundaries, there are currently 23 public school options available for an incoming kindergartener and nearly 90 public [...]

SchoolAppKC Streamlines Application and Tours2020-03-18T10:41:50-05:00
28 Jan 2020

Parent Involvement Increases Student Success


Parent involvement in a student’s education not only fosters relationships between parents and students; it is also proven to increase student success. Studies show that students do better both academically and socially when families build positive relationships with their students’ school. According to the National Coalition for Parent Involvement [...]

Parent Involvement Increases Student Success2020-01-28T12:33:23-06:00