Andrea Bailey, 6th grade parent

I am the proud parent of five great kids. Each of my children attended Garfield Elementary school. My youngest son is currently in the sixth grade. Garfield is our neighborhood elementary school. Although there are schools in Kansas City, I preferred Garfield Because of the positive experiences I have had at Garfield with my older children. The staff and teachers know my child and his older siblings. Most of the staff I have known since my oldest child attended. Because of that, I know my child is in good hands in a positive and safe environment throughout the school day.

Garfield recently got a new playground. The playground is now bright and safe for the children. My son was so excited when we drove past the school and noticed the new playground. As a parent I like to make sure my child is behaving in school and that he is learning. I am at Garfield regularly checking on my son. Garfield is a school that encourages parents to be involved in their child’s school. Be it parent meetings, school programs, after school events, field trips, or volunteering in your child’s classroom.

Garfield offers after school tutoring. My son stays after school twice a week for the extra help with his school work. My son also receives extra help with reading at school.

As a parent of five children that have attended Garfield elementary, I believe Garfield helped my children be successful students. They have made the past years great years for my children. As a parent I want my child to be in a safe, clean, and positive environment.  He has experienced that at Garfield.

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