Pre-K Programs

Pre-K Search Process:
Know Your Options

Whether you are seeking full-time childcare or a part-time preschool option, the right spot for your early learner is out there waiting for you! Follow these steps to ensure you explore all of your options:

Step 1

Explore Feeder School Options

Some Pre-K programs are connected to elementary schools, so if you have an idea of where you want your child to attend kindergarten, check with that school to see if they have a Pre-K program that your child is eligible for. Students who participate in these Pre-K programs may have a priority in that school’s lottery process for kindergarten. 

SchoolAppKC common application platform partners with many schools to offer FREE Pre-K seats. Find out more and apply at

Kansas City Public Schools has a variety of FREE Pre-K seats available. Find out more and apply at

Some private schools also have Pre-K. Visit our School Search page and apply filters for Preschool and these School Types: Independent/Private and Faith-Based.

Step 2

Head Start

Does your child qualify for FREE Pre-K through Head Start? Head Start is a federally funded program for children ages birth through 5 years. Eligibility is based on income and other factors. Several early education centers in Kansas City are “Head Start” sites.

To find out more and apply:
call: (816) 841-3382

Step 3

Child Care Aware

ChildCare Aware is compiled by the state of Missouri which includes early childhood centers, preschools connected to schools, faith-based, community-based, in-home providers, and more. Our enhanced service will provide personalized child care search, expert guidance on what quality child care entails, and customized reports based on your requirements, saving you precious time. For more information please email or call 314-535-1458.

ChildCare Aware will show you the preschool and childcare options that meet your criteria, and will determine if your child qualifies for child care subsidy.

Visit ChildCare Aware at:

What is Childcare Subsidy?

The State of Missouri offers special pricing or assistance with child care payments for eligible families based on household size and income. For more information on eligibility and to apply, visit the Missouri Department of Social Services website at