• Garfield Elementary
    Garfield Elementary is a K-6 public neighborhood school and is a part of Kansas City Public Schools. Students at Garfield are bussed to school or they walk. Students are expected to wear uniform to school daily including khaki or navy pants and a white or navy top. Before and After school care is provided free to all students.
  • Garfield Elementary
    At Garfield, students from all over the world coexist in one building. Students and teachers focus on being kind
  • Garfield Elementary
    Students work together at Garfield no matter the age. Here, two friends take another one to the office.
  • Garfield Elementary
    Kindergarten students have this smaller playground just for them.
  • Students have a large blacktop area where they can play as well.
  • Garfield Elementary
    Outside, students have two playgrounds to choose from. Grades 1-6 play here. This day, students were completing an all school fire drill.
  • Garfield Elementary
    Principal White uses this auditorium to hold assemblies with families and community as well as for school-wide events.
  • Garfield Elementary
    n the cafeteria, flags representing the countries that Garfield students come from are hung from the ceiling. Students at Garfield get free breakfast and free lunch each day
  • Garfield Elementary
    In the library, students at Garfield have a wide variety of books to choose from. They can go to library with permission from their teacher and weekly with their classes.
  • Garfield Elementary
    The gym at Garfield is decorated with colorful paintings. Students go to Physical Education once each week.
  • Garfield Elementary
    In art class, students spend time learning about different media, types of art, and experimenting with color. All students at Garfield go to art class weekly.
  • Garfield Elementary
    These kindergarten students are designing a house in computer class. They are writing a story about their houses first before creating houses on their computers. Students at Garfield go to computer lab once each week.
  • Garfield Elementary
    These kindergarteners play with drums during their weekly music class. All students at Garfield go to music class weekly.
  • Garfield Elementary
    These kindergarten students wait patiently for their turn to try a new instrument in music class.
  • Garfield Elementary
    n kindergarten, students are encouraged to see their inner superpower. This bulletin board shows what each child thinks is “super” about them including their pets, their families, and their friends
  • Garfield Elementary
    In this first grade classroom, students practice basic math concepts with their teacher while these two work ahead on their own.
  • Garfield Elementary
    These first grade students look at a book together in their classroom.
  • Garfield Elementary
    In first grade, these students have a morning meeting to get started on their day.
  • Garfield Elementary
    These third grade students are using laptops to complete a math assignment.
  • Garfield Elementary
    n this second grade classroom, students work with teachers to complete their assignments. One teacher works with a small group of students while another pulls an English Language Learner student individually for support.
  • Garfield Elementary
    n second grade, students are vying to answer quiz review questions for their teacher while some students are looking for the answers on their ipads. At Garfield, all students have access to technology when they need it.
  • Garfield Elementary
    In each class, students have a cozy reading corner like this one. Books are organized by subject and genre. Students are given time to select what they want to read daily.
  • Garfield Elementary
    In fourth grade, students take a vocabulary test. Garfield teachers work hard to help English Language Learner (ELL) students reach success in class.
  • Garfield Elementary
    In fifth grade, students listen to a lecture and take notes.
  • Garfield Elementary
    Students store their belongings in cubbies within each classroom.
  • Garfield Elementary
    At Garfield, students are taught to focus on high school graduation. This bulletin board reminds all sixth grade students that their journey continues even after they leave Garfield.
  • Garfield Elementary
    These sixth grade students work on together to complete a class project.
  • Garfield Elementary
    In this sixth grade class, the teacher jokes with students as they prepare to take a test in Science.
  • Garfield Elementary
    Students at Garfield come from more than 15 countries and speak multiple languages. Staff and teachers focus on reminding kids that no matter where they are from, they are members of the Garfield family.
  • Garfield Elementary
    Front office staff greet students and parents when they walk in the door each day.
  • Garfield Elementary
    Principal Doug White has been at Garfield for many years. He believes that relationships with students are key to having a great school

Garfield Elementary (K-6)

Garfield Elementary

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436 Prospect Ave
Kansas City, MO 64124
816-418-3600 Visit School Website

School Leader(s)

Doug White, Principal
  • NO Tuition
  • Availability for 2021-2022
  • Transportation provided
  • Before and After-Care Available

Quick Facts

Our Mission

Students will achieve growth towards and beyond proficiency goals through the consistent use of data-informed instruction, professional collaboration, and mastery of learning standards. By mastering these learning standards, students will be prepared to further their college and career goals in the 21st century.

Points of Pride

  • Garfield has a very diverse population of students from over 20 different countries.
  • We are piloting a Trauma Sensitive Schools Initiative to assist students with learning how to cope with traumatic life experiences.
  • Garfield is a multiple Bronze Award winner from the¬Missouri Positive Behavior Intervention Support.

School Hours

  • School Hours: 8:20 am - 3:20 pm
  • Before Care Hours Start: 7:00 am
  • After Care Hours End: 6:00 pm

School Details

  • Year Established: Information not shared with SMKCS
  • Total Enrollment: 468
  • Affiliation: KCPS-Neighborhood
  • School Type: KCPS-Neighborhood

Feeder Schools

  • Middle School: Northeast Middle School
  • High School: Northeast High School


  • Tuition: NO Tuition

Our Demographics


Receive Special Ed Services


English Language Learners

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Programs and Features

Specialized Programs

  • N/A

Arts Programs

  • N/A

Sports Programs

  • Basketball (Boys)
  • Basketball (Girls)
  • Soccer (Boys)
  • Soccer (Girls)

Clubs + Activities

  • Chess Club

Family Engagement

  • Classroom Volunteers
  • Evening Family Events
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Application Process

Application Details

Although many schools have application deadlines, most continue to accept applications for available seats on an ongoing basis.

  • Application Open: December 5, 2019
  • Kindergarten Cutoff: July 31, 2020
  • Offer Date: March 1, 2021
  • Residence: Students live within Garfields's boundaries in the North Zone.

How to Apply

Enroll online on the KCPS website

Applications for signature and neighborhood schools open on December 14, 2020

The initial round of applications deadline is February 15, 2021

The week of March 1st, initial seats will be offered, and parents will need to complete the registration form.

You can still apply after the deadline, seats will be offered at a later date.

Submit applications online or in person at the Board of Education building, 2901 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO 64109. Applications CANNOT be submitted at schools.

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Student Performance

Standardized Test Results



Why It Matters

Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests are scored (or graded) according to four achievement levels: Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. The number shown here is the percentage of students who scored Proficient or Advanced. When comparing scores between years, please remember that the test Missouri gives has changed several times.

Please note that private schools are not required to participate in these exams.

In 2019, the average English score in Missouri was 48.7%; the average Math score was 41.9%, source

Attendance Rate 90/90


Why It Matters

Schools strive to have at least 90% of their students achieve a 90% attendance rate because kids learn best when they’re in school.

In 2019, 87.3% of Missouri students were in attendance at least 90% of the time, source.

Third Grade Reading Scores


Why It Matters

Third grade is the important time when kids switch from learning to read to reading to learn and is an important benchmark for a student’s educational development.

In 2019, the average 3rd grade reading score in Missouri was 48.7%, source

Student Growth

English Language Arts


Why It Matters

This data determines if individual students, compared to their peers, are making achievement gains over time in English Language Arts.

There are three categories possible: Floor (minimum), On Track (doing just fine), and Exceeding (outperforming their peers).


On Track

Why It Matters

This data determines if individual students, compared to their peers, are making achievement gains over time in Mathematics.

There are three categories possible: Floor (minimum), On Track (doing just fine), and Exceeding (outperforming their peers).

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Parent Perspective


Andrea Bailey, Garfield Parent

I am the proud parent of five great kids. Each of my children attended Garfield Elementary school. My youngest son is currently in the sixth grade. Garfield is our neighborhood elementary school. Although there are schools in Kansas City, I preferred Garfield Because of the positive experiences I have had at Garfield with my older children. The staff and teachers know my child and his older siblings. Most of the staff I have known since my oldest child attended. Because of that, I know my child is in good hands in a positive and safe environment throughout the school day.

Garfield recently got a new playground. The playground is now bright and safe for the children. My son was so excited when we drove past the school and noticed the new playground. As a parent I like to make sure my child is behaving in school and that he is learning. I am at Garfield regularly checking on my son. Garfield is a school that encourages parents to be involved in their child’s school. Be it parent meetings, school programs, after school events, field trips, or volunteering in your child’s classroom.

Garfield offers after school tutoring. My son stays after school twice a week for the extra help with his school work. My son also receives extra help with reading at school.

As a parent of five children that have attended Garfield elementary, I believe Garfield helped my children be successful students. They have made the past years great years for my children. As a parent I want my child to be in a safe, clean, and positive environment. He has experienced that at Garfield.

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