Judith Aleman, Kindergarten, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade parent

Our family is made up of eight members, two parents and six children. The majority attend Whittier Elementary School. Ruth goes to sixth grade, Raul goes to fifth grade, Aron goes to fourth grade, Giselle goes to second grade, and Edith goes to kindergarten. Our children have been attending Whittier Elementary School since 2012.The school was recommended to us by parents and friends of Whittier Elementary School. The school was also close to where we live.

We are very pleased with the support we have been getting from the school. We are also very pleased with the way the principal and teachers treat us. The principal and teachers always help us with any doubt or question we have about our children’s` education. Our son Aron has tutoring after classes because he needs a little help. We as parents are always invited to activities that students do either during class or after classes. We are also invited to participate in sports activities after classes and that is a pleasure to us.

As parents, we know that education is a great responsibility, and that the school will have to teach mathematics, science, reading, writing, etc; but good behavior is parents’ responsibility even if it takes some extra effort. It would be very difficult to achieve that without the help of the teacher. Even though their job is to teach, parents and teachers should be working shoulder to shoulder. They are always collaborating with us in the education of our children and always looking for what is best for them.  We want to thank every single teacher, principal, and others who work at Whittier.

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